So now I’m in the post-holiday, early new year phase where I feel all pumped-up to start new projects. Why does this happen every year? Because Christmas fuels creativity, I think.

I have one writing project that’s almost done, so of course I’m eager to start a new one. But discipline rules me, so I’ll finish the first project, first. Then, of course, I’ll totally lose my enthusiasm for the second, the moment I’m free to work on it. Because projects are like the dream rushes that Alice reaches for, on the boat with the sheep, in Through the Looking Glass. It’s almost impossible to be satisfied with the project at hand, and you keep wanting to reach for the ones that look better from far away.


You can’t tell yet, because I haven’t yet updated the sidebar over there to the right, but my novel with Warner has been delayed yet again, until the Spring of 2008.

The thing is, Warner got bought out by Hachette. Did you know that? No, you didn’t, did you? You know why you didn’t know it? Because Hachette hasn’t yet done their big rebranding campaign, of course. Guess when they’re gonna do it, then. That’s right – right before my novel was scheduled to come out.

My novel is one in a brand new imprint, as well, so they don’t want that imprint’s launch to get overshadowed by the rebranding. So they postponed it.

All that makes perfect sense to me, so I’m not upset about it or anything. My editor and her boss were really sweet about it, calling us all personally and making sure we were okay. But I was totally okay. I know how things roll, and I don’t want the imprint to get overshadowed, either.

Plus, I already got paid for that book, so I’m good. They can postpone it ’til 2037, as far as I’m concerned.

Ha, ha, just kidding. And, actually, I don’t know if anyone reading really cares about all those details. But I figured I should type them out, just in case anyone’s been wondering.

A Post-Christmas Nasal Miracle

Backstory: When I was 14 years old, my nose got broken but did not get repaired by medical professionals. Hence, my nose has been slightly crooked ever since that day. Not enough so that you’d look at me and think that my nose had been broken… just enough so that it always looks like I’m smirking or holding my mouth weird. Also, once in a long while my nose bridge hurts a little and makes me regret having been poor and unable to get it fixed back when I was 14. So…

Back to the present: So last night one of my kids and I were watching a marathon of Season Two of America’s Next Top Model. And I was thinking that, whether you love her or hate her or are grossed out by her subsequent fame-whoring, that Yoanna certainly does have a beautiful face.

And one of the guys on the show agreed with me, and at one point he said, “Yoanna’s face is perfectly symmetrical.”

After the show, I went to brush my teeth and idly wished that my face was a little more symmetrical than it is. Then, I looked in the mirror at my crooked nose, to remind myself of how crooked it is.

And, weirdly as hell, I saw that it isn’t crooked anymore. In fact, I couldn’t even see the little bump that used to be on the side of the bridge, up near my left eye. (If I touch it, I can feel it, but otherwise it’s now undetectable.)

Isn’t that bizarre? Either a good fairy wished my nose straight (in which case: Thank you, Good Fairy!), or else my nose gradually straightened out on its own.

Oh, or maybe I wished it straight, myself, after seeing Yoanna on TV.

Maybe Yoanna healed me with her magical, symmetrical, America’s Next Top Model face magic!

Anti-Shopping Mode, Idle Boot Lust

I turned 35 a few days ago (It’s too late to wish me happy birthday, so please don’t worry about it – tricked y’all, ha, ha, now you just have to read this entry and wait til next year) and I kind of had a half-ass plan to buy myself a pair of boots. Brown ones, though, as I already have 3 or 4 pairs of black.

I couldn’t find any brown boots I liked, though. Or, none that I liked but could also afford.

What’s up with that? Where are all the nice, affordable brown boots in Houston? Is it that black boots hide their own cheapness better? Probably.

Besides that, I haven’t felt like shopping much. Probably because I’m broker than living hell. Having a house costs a lot of money, as y’all most likely already know. But I have a house, so I’m not complaining. But I’m not shopping, either. Doh. Oh, well.

Actually, I’m lying because my dad gave me a gift certificate to Half Price Books for a very luxurious amount, and that’s the bulk of the shopping I’ve done since xmas. That gift certificate has brought me days of enjoyment so far, in book-shopping hours and book-reading hours. So I’m happy. Thanks, Daddy! You rule.

Happy New Year, people. May you all have good daddies, good shopping, nice houses, and/or mysteriously self-repairing body parts.

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