The Price of Working with Timbaland

Everyone wants to work with Timbaland but not everyone considers his price.

Timbaland (sounds like Timberland, one of Super Target’s house brands) is one of the best hip-hop producers in the business. His price for producing your song? You have to let him rap on it.

The hidden fee attached to that price? If you are a woman, Timbaland’s rap will be about wanting to have sex with you.

The thing is, Timbaland isn’t a very good rapper. Also, his raps about wanting to have sex with you don’t always mesh well with the rest of your lyrics.

Consider carefully. Accept Timbaland’s beats if you must, but don’t let him mess up your song.

If You Dislike Me

If you dislike me, or if I’ve done something to offend you… there’s nothing I can do about it if I don’t know.

You know?

You may think that ignoring me is a way to let me know what I’ve done wrong. But it isn’t. When you walk by and purposely say “Good morning!” to everyone in the room but me, I do realize that you’re being passively bitchy to me. But I still don’t know why. And, as time goes on, I stop caring why. I figure, if you had a good reason to be upset, surely you’d just tell me. But obviously you don’t have a good reason, or your reason is something you’re embarrassed to admit.

Same thing goes on the Internet. If you only know me online, and you dislike me, and you make it a point to say vaguely bitchy things about me on other people’s forums, or on your own blog… Then, so what? What am I supposed to do about it? If you had a real grievance, you’d have mentioned it by now, right? If not — if you’ve just disliked me for some secret reason for years and years on end, and you feel the need to make meowy little comments in places I may or may not see, then I can’t care. Sorry, but it’s just too much trouble. I can’t make the time if you won’t meet me half way.

Try harder! More hints, please! I don’t know what your problem is. And I’m starting to think your problem has nothing in the world to do with me.

Astrological Coincidence

I wrote the preceding bits of this entry last night. Then, this morning, my horoscope tells me:

It may seem as if an overly emotional person is holding back his or her feelings. On one hand you are relieved because you don’t have the time or inclination to get involved in someone else’s drama. On the other hand, though, you may be annoyed that people cannot just say what’s on their mind. If it feels like others are being passive-aggressive, encourage them to get it out into the open where it will be more easily handled.

Thank you, Rick Levine of, for reading my mind.

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