Right Now

1. I am tired because tonight we did CathE’s workout instead of Gilad’s, and CathE is driven by demons. My triceps tremble and burn.

2. I am sad, tired, annoyed, resigned because my children’s dad is trying, aGAIN, to sue me for custody of them. This time he claims that I neglect them — that their physical and scholastic health is endangered every day that they spend with me. I strongly suspect that he’s pulling this last ditch effort in the vain hopes that he’ll get custody right before he has to show the court his latest 1040. (The one that shows that he just had a new house built, and that he still owns a big chunk of property that he’s renting out to commercial tenants, and that he therefore cannot possibly make as little money as he’s been claiming he does.) His most damning evidence against me: One of our children has plantar warts. ONE OF OUR CHILDREN HAS PLANTAR WARTS! I pray that the judge makes the right decision…

3. I am happy because I got my auto loan refinanced and will henceforth save 3% interest and $75 per month. Saving money! Yay! My Excel budget spreadsheet is happy. I fed it this arithmatic and it liked it.

4. I am (not as) stressed (as I should be) because I haven’t yet begun to make my costume for Saturday night’s costume party. I have all my materials, and I dyed the top half of my outfit. But I still need to make a skirt and wings. I need to take my sewing machine out of the closet. That’s the hardest part, probably — taking the sewing machine out and threading it. After that, it should roll like duck back water.

5. I am about to read Harry Potter to my kids. Remember the NYTimes book critic who said the last HP book sucked, and that his daughter was relieved when he gave up reading it to her half way through? I feel sorry for that guy and for his kid. Maybe he should take some lessons in how to read aloud. I get a lot of practice reading aloud, since I’m an author and I occasionally read to college kids and whatnot. College kids are a difficult audience — especially the ones who are only listening to you for course credit. Anyway, maybe the NYT critic should read to college kids for a while, then go home and read to his daughter. Because I’m reading Harry Potter to my kids, and we’re all into it. My kids are like, “OMG! Ron is annoying! Hermione is annoying! Harry is annoying! What’s gonna happen next? Please read one more chapter, Mom!”

6. I am going to bed early, in the hopes that a little extra sleep will help me out. Lately I’m having lots of crazy REM time, and lots of dreams in which I eat sugary foods by the pound. Maybe because my body’s pissed at me for working out now?

7. I am planning to wear something boring tomorrow. I’ve lost 31 pounds since May. Today I wore something a little bit less than boring, and I got a lot of comments. (I wore a skirt that fit instead of a skirt that’s one size too big.) I don’t really like it when people comment on the way I look. I mean, if you want to compliment my clothing choices, or my fitness progress, then that’s fine and I will thank you. But it isn’t necessary to compliment or backhandedly compliment my body or any of its parts.

8. I am looking forward to the year 2008. I have a feeling that’s going to be a good year for me, and that 2007 was just prep time. So I’m still prepping. But I’ll be glad when this year’s tucked away and I can move on to new things. You know?

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