Don’t be mad.

Sorry I’ve been the worst blog updater in the world lately. But you know how it goes. Blah blah excuses go here.

Important Stuff

I got some awesome sandals on sale at TJ Maxx today. I ate some awesome Indian food. The cats are doing good, but won’t stop date-raping each other.


I read The Yoko-something Officers’ Club, by Sarah Bird, and enjoyed it.

I read The Bostonians, by Henry James, and it totally upset and traumatized me, until finally it led to understanding of my own young life.

I read Maurice, by E. M. Forster, and it made me feel sorry for Victorian gays and for Victorian peeps in general, because they never had sex, and it messed with their minds.

I read a bunch of cookbooks, even though I don’t like to cook.

Suburban Woe

I accidentally burned up all the grass on my front lawn, with fertilizer, and finally ended up replacing it with sod. It took a long time, because St. Augustine sod is hard to find in Houston this time of year. Apparently.

So I bought all this new grass, which looked half dead, and now I have to water the living hell out of it every single day. Just like my neighbors, who don’t even have new grass. I bought a new kind of sprinkler, too. It hasn’t rained at all lately.

So then, yesterday, they started warning us that there might be a hurricane or, as British people pronounce it on NPR, hurrakin.

And my first thought was, “Oh, hell yes. Please let there be a hurracane.”

And the news was like, “Jesus Christ! Fill up your gas tanks now! Governor Perry is readying the school bus fleet in San Antonio!”

Then I talked to some neighbors and coworkers, and they were like, “I kind of hope we have a hurricane so I can quit watering my lawn.”

And I was like, “Me, too!”

Before the Lousiana/Mississippi tragedy, we were never afraid of hurracanes in Houston. They happen in the waters near here pretty often, and as long as the ground isn’t saturated beforehand, nothing really happens.

But I’m glad we have disaster plans in place now. Better safe than sorry.

But I hope we get a few thunderstorms, at least. We really need some rain right now. I hope it’s not a sin to say so.


We saw The Dark Knight and it scared me, to imagine people being so evil and crazy.

I hate crazy people, lately. If you’re crazy and you’re reading this, don’t mess with me. Don’t talk to me. Stop leaving me comments. Got it?

We saw Wall-E, and it was beautiful. I saw it twice, actually. Tears ran down my face the whole time, both times.

You either saw that one already, and you believe me, or else you haven’t seen it and you don’t. It’s okay. I understand that some people categorically hate Disney, or hate animated movies, or hate leftist conspiracies to make conservatives feel guilty. (Or whatever.) But if you saw Wall-E and liked it, then I’m glad for you. Write to me privately and tell me what your favorite part was. If you want.

That’s all for now.

I need to get off the computer and go work out. I’m in the mood to work out! Y’all wish me luck setting up Dance Dance Revolution, without my kids here to help me. My kids are all with their dad for the moment. That means I can’t play console games or even watch TV, pretty much, because I don’t know all the wires and controllers like they do. Feel sorry for me, y’all. Wish me luck figuring it out.

But mostly, send my grass vibes, okay? Send it “grow well soon” vibes. And wish for us to get a lot of rain, but not enough to hurt anyone.


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