From Ashley: The New Republic interprets Barrack Obama through his writing. I was surprised to find them compare Obama to Henry James, with whom I am lately semi-obsessed.

Also from Ashley: The NY Times profiles Rush Limbaugh and almost makes me pity him, but then, not. Which is what they’re good at doing, I’ve noticed: Showing you the hate-able-ness, then showing a little that’s empathy-worthy, then coming on full strength with more evidence of hate-ability. Love it.

From Marq: This artist makes plastic bags into inflatable animals that only appear when the subway rolls under the grates that they’re tied to.

Christina Ricca Cat disapproves.

Benny Bennassi feat. The Bravery

Weird-ass Benny Benassi remix of “California Dreamin'”.

I found the two above when trying to find my favorite Bravery song for you guys and for my friend Brie, and then finally I found my favorite Bravery song, but only in one of those homemade videos that people make (inexplicably to me) with anime characters. Why do people make those? Someone please explain.

Whoa. There is a web site dedicated to making anime music videos, and they hold contests and everything.

From Mike: Italian Spiderman.

Meta links!

This post I wrote in 2005 has become a repository for complaints by and about Kroger employees, as you will note in its comments.

It replaces, in my heart, this post I wrote in 2004 that became a touchstone for people searching for the Mervyn’s online survey.

The most-read post of the past two months is the one about my cats having sex on my bed. I wanted to find the most-read posts ever, but my stats won’t tell me that.

Here are the web searches that most often lead people to my site:
topless bar
dress patterns
reggie aqui gay
boobsquad gwen
jehovas witness
kroger sucks
women of telemundo
“is reggie aqui gay”
gwen bitter asian men
hairstyles for fat women
emo acronym
“club adventure”
“reggie aqui gay?”
blt party

I don’t mind when people criticize my blog, but it bothers me a little when they misread it.

Dear SmugWatch Dude:
I do not do yoga. Please be less assumptive in your smugness watchdogging.
Thank you.

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