I typed this in an email to my boyfriend (fiance) and decided to paste it here, too, so y’all know:
I feel, lately, like most of the problems around me are caused by unhappy people looking to make others unhappy. I want to be left alone so I can do my work and have a good life.

I put a couple of new pics on the Flickr page, including my new author photo and a pic of Toby and me. New author photo is also on the About page, for those who are interested in seeing it but don’t want to click all the way over to Flickr.

weight yammering

I’m a little bit annoyed by the fact that I’ve been losing and gaining the same five pounds since February 1. I want to tell people “I’ve lost 40 pounds!” but then that number changes back to 35. Back and forth, back and forth. I read a comment on a blog the other day (maybe Big Fat Deal?) where someone said, “The only way she was able to maintain that weight was by eating only 1200 calories a day and exercising for 90 minutes every night!!” And I thought, “Damn.” Because that’s what I’m doing every day, and it’s not working. I’m stuck here at this pants size that I don’t want to be.

My number one motivation here is becoming a pants size that is readily available in all non-plus-size, non-vanity-sized retail clothing stores. I’ll just say it: Size 12. And it’s not happening. And it’s starting to piss me off. Personally, I don’t think 90 minutes of exercise per day is a lot, especially if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk or in your car. It’s not like we live in genteel Victorian England, where everyone has a huge freaking garden to take an hour-long walk after every meal. So I don’t feel like it’s unreasonable that I might have to exercise even more. But I do feel like I either have time to lose weight, or time to, say, write a novel. But not both. Not with an eight-hour day job and 2 hour roundtrip commute. Very, very annoying.

(Note: The above paragraphs are about me, not about you. I want to be size 12, and that’s my business. My desire to be size 12 has nothing to do with your body, my opinion of your body, or American society’s potential, personal hatred of you. FYI. So don’t start, if you’re thinking of starting down that road.)

Hardcore judgmental thoughts, here. Avert your eyes if you can’t take it.

See… I hate lookism, and so I avoid people who judge others only by their looks. But, at the same time, I can’t stand it when people go around presupposing that everyone is discriminating against them or, basically, that any woman thinner/prettier than them must be an evil bitch. It goes both ways, you know?

A while back, I found some chick’s weight-loss blog. (I will never recall the URL and I’m about to hate on this chick, so I wouldn’t post it in any case.) This woman said she’d just lost some enormous amount of weight, okay? And she had several entries about how it now disgusts her to see fat people on the subway. She said she especially hates to watch them eat. And that’s her right, I suppose. You could maybe say her reaction was actually self-hatred and fear of becoming fat again. But still, I thought, “Well, you’re a miserable, insecure, lookist bitch, and that’s why you’ll never be happy, no matter what you do.”

A while back, that old Trainwrecks site used to link to a Livejournal group for “hot” fat chicks. Fat chicks who thought themselves pretty would submit a picture to the group, and then the group — in plain sight, online — would critique the hell out of the photo and vote on whether the submitter was “hot” enough to join their little clique. I saw that and thought, “I bet a million dollars half these chicks go to fat-activist sites and complain about lookism on a regular basis.”

This feeling has been boiling inside me for a while, and I’ve resisted posting it because it’s kind of sexist, but now I can’t stand it anymore and I have to say: Insecure women are a major force of evil in our country. Or, at least, a major source of annoyance to me, personally.

I mean, insecure men are plentiful and annoying, too. But there are whole industries built on the masses of insecure women who believe that their only value is in being pretty, and that, if they can’t be prettiest, they can at least judge less pretty women and hate prettier women. And then, of course, they give stupid men the excuse to walk around labelling all women catty bitches.

Disclaimer: I’m sure I used to be one of these insecure women, probably. And it’s only because I’m getting older that I have so little patience for that sort of thing today. (Maybe my reaction is secretly self-hatred and a fear of becoming insecure again? Heh.) But I’m not the only one who’s tired of insecure women. It seems like, in each of my social groups, most of the women are working, buying cars and houses, starting families… and then there’s that one woman who’s constantly comparing her looks to everyone else’s and worrying whether men think she’s hot. And the rest of us are like, “Jesus, bitch, can you please shut up about that stupid, boring crap?” You know? Like:

Jane: OMG, you guys, my mom has been really ill lately. She’s getting worse.
Sharon: Oh, no. That sucks. What are you going to do?
Jane: I don’t know. My brother and I are meeting tonight to discuss our options. She might have to move in with John and me.
Cindy: Wow, that sucks. Guess what, you guys! I lost six more pounds! So now I weigh even less than you, Jane! And guess what else. That guy at Starbucks? Totally checked me out again. I think it was my new bra. I can’t wait for Todd to find out — he’s gonna be so jealous!
Jane and Sharon: [stony silence]
Cindy: So, you guys, why don’t we go to that Starbucks, and then go shopping for smaller jeans? We never hang out anymore. You guys never call me anymore. Why is that? Is it because I’m thinner than you now?

Coming down now.

Okay. Sorry I had to talk all loud like that. I just feel like, lately, I’m trying to vent these feelings in a subtle way, but I’m not being very clear, and then people are like, “What? She said on her blog that pretty women don’t deserve to live on our planet? She’s a jerk, then! A fat, ugly jerk whose boyfriend didn’t buy her anything for Valentine’s Day!” So I wanted to clarify. Hope I did.

Later, taters.

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