Questions to Consider

1. Would you rather live in a world where looks don’t matter, or live in a world where your looks embody the standard of beauty?

2. What’s wrong with getting by on your looks? Is that somehow worse than getting by on your brains, your perseverence, or your good personality?

I think I’m okay with people getting by on their looks, as long as they’re honest about it. And, more importantly, as long as the people choosing/hiring/electing the pretty people are honest about their motivation. Don’t flirt with your pretty secretary all day and then tell me you’re promoting her because she types real fast.

I think I’m also okay with people wishing to be beautiful enough to get by on their looks. Again, though, as long as they’re honest. Don’t pretend you’re trying to eradicate lookism if, really, in your heart, you’re just trying to browbeat people into giving you the same perks that pretty people get.

3. If you are a woman and you want your significant other to buy you something for Valentine’s Day: Would you be as happy with your gift if you weren’t allowed to show anyone or tell anyone about it?

I ask this because I remember that, in high school, I didn’t hate Valentine’s Day because none of the boys at my school bought me gifts. I hated it because all the girls at my school went around making note of who got gifts and who didn’t. Now that I’m no longer surrounded by packs of immature girls, I don’t need gifts for Valentine’s Day. And I realize that the whole thing was just more of the bullshit insecurity contests that women put each other through.

4. What could a man possibly buy me that I wouldn’t be just as glad to buy for myself?

Nothing. I have really good taste, actually, and therefore I prefer to buy jewelry, flowers, and candy for myself.

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Posted in lookism, sexism on 02/14/2008 12:59 am

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