1. Zadie Smith cohosted a short story contest. Eight hundred and fifty people entered. Then, Ms. Smith informed the entrants that none of their stories were good enough to win. Ouchies.

No, I didn’t enter, because I didn’t hear about the contest until now. But if I’d entered, I would be walking around with a drink in my hand right now, telling people, “Zadie Smith doesn’t care for my writing.” Too bad I didn’t enter, then. Next year I will.

2. I kind of suspect this is a publicity stunt, or kind of hope it is, for the sake of everyone involved: One of Gawker’s former editors “secretly” hooked up with another one of Gawker’s editors, and one of the two apparently kept a “secret” blog about the relationship. And so the other of the two went ahead and wrote a big old essay about it for Page 6 mag, telling everyone in the world who didn’t already know.

3. Related subject, on the internets and in my mind: A long time ago, Tracie Egan wrote an essay about trying to get her rape fantasy fulfilled. I was interested to find out what would happen, so read eagerly. But then, it turned into a sad story about thwarted hopes, all the way around.

All three preceding links via Gawker, which is my painful weekday addiction.

4. Ashton Kutcher at your middle school dance.

5. The Barbie Tarot, via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

6. This is old, but still true: Roast Beef and Ray discuss McDonald’s vs Starbucks.

7. I keep seeing this Star Wars cook book at Urban Outfitters and wanting it, even though the recipes themselves aren’t that exciting. The pictures are funny, though.

8. Another old thing. We saw this SNL rerun Digital Short the other night, and can’t stop thinking about it: People Getting Punched Just Before Eating. You have to watch a commercial first, sorry. That’s the price of legal content viewing. Also, please view with sound on, as the song is half the magic.

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