Toby Update
by request, for Pixielyn

Toby seems to be doing okay, y’all. He still hides a lot, but we’re starting to realize that he just gets off on hiding. For instance, he likes to hide under our bed and watch us. Eavesdrop on us.

And it seems that he and Starbuck have bonded over that. One day last week, Starbuck ran to hide under the bed, and Toby was already there. So what did she do? She hid with him. They sat under the bed, facing the same direction, for half an hour. Then, someone made a noise and Toby ran out into the living room. Starbuck ran out right next to him. I knew that she was trying to play the Chase Game with him.

The Chase Game = Whenever someone walks out of my bedroom, Starbuck runs like hell to get in front of that person and pretend she’s being chased. Each Chase Game must include at least one 180-degree spin-out on the Pergo floor and one wreck into furniture or walls. Conversely, if one of us walks into my bedroom, then Starbuck has to run ahead, through the bedroom and into the master bath. She’s better at this one. She has this cool trick where she jumps up on two wheels, so to speak, and bounces off the side of my bed on her way to the bathroom. It’s very Matrix-y. Usually we just watch her do this and laugh, but sometimes we’ll pretend to chase her around the house a little. We have to make monster noises. She has to run through the kitchen, office, hall. We have to reverse directions and chase her back through hall, office kitchen. She ends up under the dining room table, panting and with gleaming eyes.

So anyhow. Toby ran out from under the bed, and Starbuck ran with him with a look on her face that clearly said, “Oh, yes, now is the time we play the Chase Game!” And Toby stopped and looked at her like, “Why are you running, too?” And she looked at him like, “C’mon!” And he looked at her like, “I don’t understand this person.” And then he went and ate some food.

So, since then, Starbuck’s been hiding with him and trying unsuccessfully to teach him the Chase Game. But sometimes she still gets pissed off at him, too. He likes to be petted, but we have to drag him out of hiding, first. The other day I was petting him and he drooled on me.

Here are a few more pics, for those of y’all who missed them. More soon.

Weather Wishes

I’m sending sympathy and condolences out to the tornado survivors in the South. I hope y’all get all your stuff rebuilt and recovered as soon as possible. And sympathies to the blizzard/snow-having people in the North — I’m sorry y’all are cold and have to shovel snow.

Weekend Adventures

The weather was nice here, so we wanted to do something outside. Of course, so did every other human being in Houston. So we went to Hermann Park, which is right next to the zoo, the biggest museums, and a bunch of other stuff. And of course, there was no parking. Because never, since I was born, has there been enough parking at Hermann Park. Ahem. Mayor White, please fix this. I’m not mad at you anymore. I mean, please feel free to finish the skate park first, because that’s going to be completely awesome. But then, right after that, please add some parking to the zoo area. Thanks.

So we couldn’t park there, and we were sad. And then I said, “Oh, wait — weren’t we going to go to the Arboretum?”

Yes. So we did. And it was awesome. I’d only been there once before. On that first time, we got lost on the trails among the swampy woods, and it was hot. But it was still fun. This time, the weather was perfect and we took a little trail map with us, so it was completely effing awesome. And it was free — well, donation requested, not required. And there was a ton of parking. Because no one ever goes there, because it’s kind of educational and nature-y, and that turns people off, I guess. I don’t blame them. It turned me off at first, too. But then I gave it a shot, and it was cool for reasons I didn’t expect. It’s like, you walk twenty feet into the swampy woods, and that’s it. You’re gone. You’re in the middle of the wilderness. You’re a hobbit, and Gandalf’s waiting for you, over there by that creepy tree.

I used to think the pond was the coolest part, but then we saw the swamp, and it’s shockingly beautiful. It’s creepylicious, with gnarly trees reaching out of the water, and the water covered with pale green algae or scum or pollen. It’s kind of like the swamps around the bayou, but without the homeless people or the smell. I can’t explain. You just have to go.

Funny thing — I joked with Tad that we should have our wedding there, and I could wear my Halloween fairy costume. But now I see that they do, in fact, host weddings.

If you’re thinking of going, go before it gets hot. So, before May. This weekend was so completely perfect — one of those unrealistically perfect Houston weather times. Sunday we went to another less frequented parky area, which I will always call Transco Tower, even though that hasn’t been its name since I was a teenager. Transco Tower is awesome because it has a local landmark of a fountain, that looks just like this, except with a cross section of everyone in Houston standing in front of it, damp, trying to get a photo. And at least one quinceanera with her court of 14 teen couples. Always.

Does this sound like I’m trying to boost Houston tourism? I’m not — y’all know I just love my hometown, and it’s fun and inter-webby to show y’all what we did via links. I keep meaning to take my camera, but it’s old and therefore too heavy to haul in my purse. Pulls at my shoulder muscles, you know.

okey dokey

This entry has been for people who really care about the details of my life, in the context of nothing. Sometimes I feel weird posting a lot of that stuff, because I imagine that no one cares — that y’all come here for hard-hitting judgmental thoughts, ranty feminist screeds, and tasteful book promotion, instead — but hey, what’s the point of having a blog if I’m not going to yammer about life details, at least a little. Right?

Back to the work week. Sighz.

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