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We went to the Rockets vs Miami Heat game, because one of the peeps at my job gave me last-minute free tickets, and I was like, “Let me do my duty as a single mom to boys and take my kids to this free sporting event.” It was fun.

We went to the FFA rodeo carnival in Renee Zellweger’s home town, and I’m happy to say that I’m all carnivaled out and won’t have to go to another one for at least two years. Also, the funnel cake underwhelmed us.

We walked along the Buffalo Bayou to see Houston’s new skate park, under construction, and then kept walking all the way to Sam Houston Park, which is very awesome. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, and it’s increased in awesomeness since then. They have all these historical homes that they picked up and plunked down in various spots, and you can call on your cell phone to hear a recording about each home. And, maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, or because I was steeped in Houston civic pride (jingoism) at an early age, but I really enjoyed hearing the recordings while scoping out the houses. Most were about people who showed up in Houston while it was still being made, who busted ass until they made enough money to buy themselves houses, and who, usually, eventually, became rich. And had streets and opera houses named after them, and the like. Very inspiring. Plus, the houses are pretty. You should check it out.

Then, in the Heritage Society Museum, they have a model general store which is awesomeness deluxe. Just the medicine section, full of boxes of Screw Worm Remover and Dr. Thatcher’s Swamp Root Laxative, is worth poring over for days.

Then, they had a big old display about Jesse H. Jones, about whom I used to know nothing except that his is the name of a local high school who beat my high school in basketball all the time. But we learned all about Mr. Jones this weekend. Him, his wife, and their penchant for Art Deco furnishings. His granddaughter, Audrey Jones Beck, who looked a lot like Stockard Channing in the picture they showed us, and whose name is all over Houston’s art museums.

Sometimes I want to learn all about Houston’s philantropist tribes. But I want to learn it incidentally, you know? As a matter of trivia, not of study.

We walked to a man-made lake and looked at duck-made ducks.

We went to a salad buffet. I bit into brocolli slaw and my temporary bridge cracked in half. I went to my dentist, my brother-in-law-to-be, and he said it was time to get a real bridge. I tried to lie to him and say I was only eating brocolli. He expressed surprise. I said, “Brocolli with peanuts.” He said, “It was a peanut.” I felt ugly, lying to my b-i-l-2-b like that. But I wanted him to have a good impression of me. You know?

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