Sighz lol!!!1!!

Remember how I told y’all, a while back, a few thousand times, that I had a novel coming out in Spring of 2008? Well, I just found out that it’s been pushed back for a second time, to January 2009.

What does this mean to you? It means that, by the time Houston, We Have a Problema is actually available for sale, you’ll feel like you already read it two years before.

However, it does not mean that I won’t be there, January 2009, nagging you to buy it. In the mean time, I just have to update all the tiny places on my blog that now mention the wrong date… Here I go… Doo de doo…

In other book news: I’m pretty sure my first kids’ book, Growing Up with Tamales, is still coming out in May 2008. I mean, I hope it is. It’s at the printer now, they tell me.

There. Now you have renewed reason to be envious of my life, which is the glamorous life of a published author.

Special Linkelodeon Single-Link Feature

My new favorite site is LOLSecretz. It’s a cross between Post Secret (which I have always suspected is mostly faked) and LOL Cats.


I like the way the best submissions parody the Post Secret style — the single shocking sentence, or the one-sentence layout and second-sentence twist. It’s like LOL Cats, but nine thousand times more nuanced and hilarious.

Yes, it’s a sickness, I know. Yes, I fear the day that someone catches my boyfriend and I speaking LOLSpeak to each other. We don’t even do it ironically anymore.

Me: We R going 2 lunchez now?
Tad: Yes, I can haz rice 4 us.
Stranger passerby: What the hell is wrong with you two? Are you not grown adults? Why are you talking like that?
Me and Tad: O noes!!!!!1!!!1!!

Never do your job well.

If you do your job well (quickly, correctly, efficiently, with minimum complaining), then you will be rewarded with extra work. People will start stacking crap on your desk with little Post-Its that say, at first, “Rhonda: Can you please process this cog today so I don’t have to do the extra widget report on it? Thanks!! :)”

Then, they’ll stack stuff on your desk with Post-Its that say “Rhonda: Need today please thx.”

Then, they’ll stack stuff on your chair with Post-Its that say, “TODAY.”

No one will ever say, “Man, Rhonda sure processes those cogs quickly. Remember, before she came here, how we used to have cogs stacked up all over the place, waiting to be processed, necessitating extra widget reports and late fees? I’m glad Rhonda works with us. She’s awesome.”

But people will say, “Man, Rhonda sure has been acting bitchy lately. What’s up her butt? Oh, hey, are you going by her desk? Can you put these cogs on her chair? They’re not due ’til next month, but she may as well get them to me before I go on vacation.”

So don’t do your job well. Do just enough to get by, and surf the Web all day, like everyone else. You’ll be happier.

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