Finally I remembered to try to watch Heroes on TV. And it was okay, but I have to say that TV must suck really freaking bad now, the way critics are falling all over themselves to laud Heroes and Ugly Betty.

I tried to watch Ugly Betty last week but it reeked of so much eau de Ally McBeal that I couldn’t. Sorry if you like either of those shows. I actually like A McB, in retrospect. (Ha, ha. Bet you never thought I’d say that, if you even know me from that period in my writing career. Okay – I kind of like it in retrospect. Compared to everything that’s happening now, I mean.) But, yeah… the one snippet I saw of Betty, in which Betty’s watching the sad little blonde girl hold back tears, just didn’t live up to the hype for me.

Then we’re watching Heroes tonight, and I really want to like it, but it’s hard because half the cast is over-acting the shit out of it, and the other half is trying to stay down-home in the face of all the melodrama. And I’m kind of confused, now that super powers are coming out of the woodwork, and superheroes are tripping all over each other.

You know what show I miss? Freaks and Geeks. I’m glad Judd Apatow (however he spells it, sorry man) is working today. Hopefully making the big bucks, too.

Maybe I’m just being pretentious and in-joke-y all the time, too, but…

I have to say that it’s weird to be able to read the thoughts of any semi-famous person in the world now.

Nyarly turned me on to Pandora, which, in turn, turned me on to James Holden’s At the Controls.

I bought the CD. I’m playing it tonight, while I work on my revisions. And one of the songs I like a lot – so much that I feel the need to see if this guy has a MySpace or fan site or something so that I can write him as follows:

Dear James Holden,
I bought your CD. That song Lump is cool. Thank you for making it.

just like I would say to anyone else in the world about their blog post or their sweater or whatever. And I find James’ site, which doesn’t give a way to email or leave comments. But it does direct me to his MySpace… which also doesn’t let you leave comments. So then I go back to his site (oh my gosh, it has refreshing skins) and start reading his tiny scrolling blog box, and it’s all about the industry and what’s good about it and what’s not, plus comments that are only understandable by his DJ friends…

And then I’m like, “Okay, whatever. I’m not cool enough to tell James Holden I liked his song.”

I think I need to remove comments and email links from this page. I think that would make me more successful in my writing career. See, that way people would think I was exclusive. If I’m too good for you, I must be worth spending money on, right? All that stuff about having a web presence that allows you to interact with the whole world – that’s only for losers, actually. Cool people just sell things. They don’t talk to anybody.

When will I learn that. I don’t know. I guess when I’m rich, we’ll know I’m done learning.

“If you’re so smart, why ain’t you rich?”
Do you know what book that’s from? Call me.

(James Holden, I’m just kidding, man. Hey, that Lump song is awesome.)

Little girls in makeup.

I saw this little girl on a pop-up ad. At first I thought she was porn.

Be careful, little girl. God keep you safe, please.

Just kidding – she’s in no more danger than all the other kids, I’m sure.

God, keep all the little kids in the world safe, please. If you can.

Back to the pop culture.

I guess I wanted to see more little kids get rescued. On the TV, I mean.

Me and Tad saw The Prestige the other day. I liked it. If you saw/see it and you figure/d out the twist before the end, please don’t tell me. You’re so smart, I know, but you don’t have to tell me so. I already know.

(Just like: Please, please tell me how you lost weight, but don’t tell me how you think I should lose weight. Tell me your stories, but not what to do, okay? I like it better when you use the “I” language. And I’m saying that with extreme love.)

Okay. Off track again. That means time to go!

Love and Japanese cute things!!!,


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