Better Styling Through Chemistry

Some of you may remember that, a few weeks ago, my hair suddenly changed from blonde-ish to fire-engine red. Since then, of course, it’s faded to medium auburn with chunks of blonde peeking through. Even though I had it professionally, “permanently” done. Red fades. So does brown.

But I liked the part where it was halfway between solid brown and fire engine. So I bought a box of semi-permanent color called Rosewood, aka dark auburn, meaning to refresh as necessary every month or so. I decided last night was as good a time as any to apply. Right before I had to return to work this morning – the perfect time, no? (Eerie foreshadowing, ooh.)

Well, my hair didn’t come out the color on the box. Not at all. It came out more like this color, instead. And I didn’t see it until this morning, because I’d done the color job late last night, then went to bed with wet hair and a towel on my pillow. (I know. Wrong choices all around.)

I woke my boyfriend this morning with loud whispers. “Baby! Baby, my hair is almost black! Look at me – should I call in sick?”

He squinted at my head for a second, then groaned, “No, baby. Don’t call in sick for that.”

So, instead, I washed my hair a few times with the not-color-safe shampoo. (It looked like a quart of blackberry juice going down the drain.) Then I conditioned and dried, and came to work. I only look slightly like a vampire now. I mean, actually, I like this color. But I hate to keep coming to work with different hair colors every other week, like some kind of unprofessional something-or-other. You know? I remember there was a girl at UT, in one of my French classes, who did that all the time. I wanted her to stop when her hair was the color of a Mr. Pibb can. She didn’t. She didn’t stop until her head turned green. I thought she’d taught me a lesson. Apparently, I was wrong.

I think next month I’ll try Cinnaberry, though. That should do the trick. Assuming that one comes out right, I promise I won’t change color after that for quite a while.

(Unless I change my mind.)

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Posted in vanity on 11/06/2006 07:03 pm

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