Coffee Shake

Earlier yesterday I was thinking about low-glycemic-index stuff you could eat without crying from frustration, and I invented something new, in my mind.

Coffee shake! A sugar free, real coffee, coffee shake!

Here’s what I thought my invention might contain:

real coffee
heavy cream
whey powder
sugar-free flavored syrup
cinnamon (which may or may not bring down insulin resistance)

Then I went on the Google and searched for “coffee shake.” I discovered that, not only did I not invent coffee shakes, but that other people had been way more inventive about it than me. Here are things I may or may not put in my coffee shakes, thanks to all the Internet Coffee Shake Pioneers:

unsweetened soy milk
coconut milk
fiber powder

Coconut milk! That’s kind of exciting. They haven’t even done that at Starbuck’s yet, have they? Avocado I’ve seen, at the bubble tea places – but I never would have thought to put it in coffee. Wah! (That’s the sound effect of magic revelation occurring.)

In other news: Does anybody out there know where Mike‘s food blog is? I could go look for the link, but man I’m so tired…

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Posted in health on 11/03/2006 02:04 am

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