Here’s what I’ve been checking out lately:

Project Runway contestant Diana Eng’s blog.

Project Runway contestant Santino Rice’s blog – notable for the entry comments in which an anonymous person posted Daniel/Andrae slash fic.

This Nextbook column by Shalom Auslander, who read the awesomest story on NPR the other day. Yes, I was listening to NPR on the way to Austin the weekend before last. I like to hear the little radio skits they do. Yes, I’m getting old. I know.

Stuff On My Cat. Only funny sometimes.

Cute Overload. Only cute sometimes. Or maybe I’m just a cynical hater with too-high standards for cuteness.

Salon. Not so much for its articles anymore, but for all the vehement comments on the articles since they put their “Letters to the Editor” in blog-comment format. No one is spared. Ayelet Waldman? Hated. Anne LaMott? Ridiculed. Garrison Keillor? Dismissed. It’s a blood bath. I can only read it every other day now, it’s so soaked in haterade. But I love it.

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