Christmas List

I always love it when fictional characters tell what they got for Christmas, and I always hate it when a book encompasses a Christmas but doesn’t divulge the gifting details. In that spirit, here are some of the things I got for Christmas and my birthday.

From my boyfriend, whose pseudonym is Tad: a French press single-serve coffee maker, speakers and sub-woofer for my laptop (that I often use as a CD player), Karaoke Revolution and microphone, the Achewood t-shirt I’ve been wanting, little thingies that will tell me when my tires need air (he can’t resist giving me stuff I need), and a microwave for our new apartment. I think that’s it.

From my dad: these awesome tiger-head slippers, with glass eyes and everything. (And money.) My slippers were white tigers, and he got Tad normal-colored tigers. The kids keep borrowing them from us…

From my best cousins: money. Thanks for the money, everybody! I’m enjoying spending it!

From my best weekend peeps: Shower gel (Some people think that’s a cliched gift, but I specifically wish for it every year because I’m a shower gel glutton.), cologne and sparkle powder, a variety of liqueur-soaked cakes from Neiman Marcus, and very cute shot glasses.

From myself: three little houseplants, plus the dress I’ll be wearing New Year’s Eve. I plan to buy more later. The mall was insane yesterday, and I need to get down on my writing this week, so I will defer more shopping pleasures til later.

What did I get my boyfriend and my kids, you wonder? Tad got DVDs of Just Shoot Me, a Depeche Mode import single CD (the Precious one with both Sasha remixes), a pellet gun with pellets and targets, the Book of Secrets (includes Colonel’s secret recipe), and some underwear. And a t-shirt which hasn’t yet shown up in the mail, annoyingly. And snuggling, and love.

For my kids, I got various small toys, a subscription to MAD Magazine, a Real Food oven (like an Easy Bake, but better), a new computer to replace their archaic one, and a new World of Warcraft account so they can play in tandem. We’re debating purchasing World of Warcraft gold, as well. We’re ruminating on the ethics of it.

Well, that’s it. I hope y’all got cool stuff, got others cool stuff, and/or had a really good weekend. More very soon.

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Posted in Christmas on 12/27/2005 06:01 pm

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