So my dad reads my blog this morning and then gets hold of me and says, “Why didn’t you ask me to loan you some money?” And I say, “I was actually just about to when I finally got a check in the mail.”

I hate to borrow money from my dad unless it’s a super, duper emergency. But it’s endlessly comforting to know that he’s always there, ready to loan it if necessary.

Also, I like to write about the stressful things *after* they’re over. So, no worries, y’all.

The Longest Week of the Year

Every weekday of this week has stretched longer than ever as we – my kids, my boyfriend, and me – wait for the day when we can hand each other gifts and then watch each others’ looks of pleasure and awe upon the opening of said gifts. Hello – when will it be Christmas? I’m not even that excited about it, but my kids are, so I want it to hurry, for them. In the meantime, I’m sitting here at work trying to avoid eating all the free cakes and cookies that people have strewn around.

My Birthday Is Next Week

On Tuesday the 27th, I will be 34 years old. I never really expect people to celebrate my birthday because of its inconvenient placement on the calendar. And the older I get, the less sorry I feel for myself about it. But this year is totally screwy because Christmas and New Years fall on the weekends, so I don’t even have a day to do a special dinner with my boyfriend. (He works weeknights.) And my kids won’t be here that week, so I can’t even force them to sit in there room for an hour and draw me elaborate birthday cards. (Just kidding. I would never do that to them. Instead, I would force them to watch The Craft or Sense and Sensibility on VHS.) My cousins Helen and Andrea are likewise screwed, because their bdays are on the 22nd and 31st, respectively. Normally we’d all have dinner together, but this year we can’t fit it in.

But it’s all good, because I have Monday off, and I’m taking my birthday into my own hands. After the kids go away with their dad at noon (unless he’s late, which he always is), I’m going shopping. I have to buy a dress for New Year’s, first of all, but I also promise to buy myself things that I really, really want, like books and houseplants. Shoot – maybe I’ll even get a pedicure. Why the hell not? You only turn 34 once, right?

I like to make resolutions on my birthday. While I’m 34, I will create something awesome. Maybe more than one thing. Who knows? (Me. I know. I have plans, and I will not allow them to fail.) Also, I will make money. Also, I will let my hair grow a little longer. Also, I will start doing more exercise so that my bones don’t turn to sawdust. Also, I will take up tennis. Also, I will go on a real vacation. Yay – 34 will be a good year.

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