Cycles, Over and Over

Yesterday I sang in the shower, which I hardly ever do anymore. I sang the old religious Christmas songs we learned so long ago, and it felt good, but then made me sad. I miss singing Christmas songs. Sometimes I consider pretending to be Catholic so I can do it again. But then… no.

I’m glad to see that gray is back in style, as a color for women’s apparel. Now I have one more trendy color I can wear besides pink and green.

Every year I fear the holiday, then feel hopeful, then become certain that Christmas morning will make all our dreams come true. This year I’m more certain than ever: We’re going to have a well deserved good time.

Aeon Sux

Okay, that was mean-spirited. But I couldn’t resist the rhyme. Let’s try again…

Don’t go see Aeon Flux unless…

you’re turned on by awesome wardrobe and interior design, to the point that you don’t mind it being spoiled by bad lighting. Just saying.

Don’t go see it if you need it to be anything like the animated series in any way, shape or form. Because I saw it, and I can tell you that a more appropriate title would have been Dying Hopefully: A Story Inspired by Aeon Flux.

The Question I Get Asked Most

Here’s the answer to the question readers email to me about once a week, which is “How do you, as a single mom of three with a day job, find time to write?”

1. I wake up early and write a little bit before it’s time to leave for work and school.

2. I stay up late and write a little while my kids are whispering themselves to sleep.

3. Instead of watching TV in the evenings, I sit on the couch and write on my laptop while my children are watching TV and/or doing their homework. (Unless America’s Next Top Model is on. I have to watch that every Wednesday.)

4. I take my laptop to work. On my lunch hour, I stuff down some food in the cafeteria and then run to the parking garage and write for 30 or 40 minutes in my car. (I used to carry my laptop into the cafeteria and write there, but the other people are too distracting.)

5. Sometimes, in an emergency, on a deadline, I call in sick and stay home to write.

There. That is the answer, all kidding aside.

And now you know why I’m a crazy, irritable bitch who doesn’t know what my coworkers are talking about when they talk about trista, ryan, lost, house, cheater, denise richards sitcom destined to die.

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