post hurricane

I only got Internet access back, full-fledged, last night. Hence, I haven’t updated. We were out of power for a few days, lost a couple of bits of the back yard fence… found a cracked window yesterday, but that’s about it. Nothing worth complaining about.

A lot of people still don’t have electricity. HOV lanes all over town are closed, effing up the traffic. Fallen trees everywhere. Grocery stores still not fully stocked. Some fave restaurants still not open.

But no one here’s complaining (much) because they actually have it bad in Galveston.

Someone on the radio said Galveston’s like Houstonians’ summer home. But really, they’re our sister city. We love them and wish for them to get better soon. We love you, Galveston. My fingers are crossed for you, and for everyone else on the coast, to be well soon.


I got home so, so late today because of the closed HOV and crowded buses. And I’m supposed to go in super early tomorrow to get some important work done. Basically, I’ll be home nine hours before heading back. Blehhhhhhhh.

You know what would suck?

If your mom married some new guy, making him your stepfather, and he insisted that you change your name to his surname. So you did.

And then, shortly after that, he would do something very embarrassing. So embarrassing that it’d be on the front page of the paper. And everyone would read about it, and then they’d point at you and make fun of you, because you have the same name as your stepdad. Even though he’s not your real dad and you never really even liked him that much.

What if that happened, and then none of the kids in your neighborhood would play with you anymore, and none of your teachers would treat you politely, and no one would give you a job, even?

And you’re a nice person, but they don’t care. Years and years of you being a nice person no longer matter, because you have the same last name as this guy who did something embarrassing and got it in the paper.

Wouldn’t that suck?

Yes, it would. And it would also suck if what I just described was actually a metaphor for your company and the company it had to merge with and the fact that your company is losing business now because of something that isn’t its fault. Because, only, of its new name.

I’m just saying. I’m sure you can imagine.

Good news, though.

See my first novel — the one that’s coming out in January? The one over there, linked on the right, that says Houston, We Have a Problema?

Today, my editor forwarded me the first review of my new novel. It was a very good review.

I read it and was like, “Oh, my gosh. That’s so nice. That makes me feel so SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OMG OMG OMFG!!!!!!! JEEEEEEEEZZZZZUSSSSS!!!! HURRAY! HURRAY! YAY! HURRAY! HELL EFFING YES! HELL EFFING YES!

And then I was like, “Sob…! sob…! sob…! sniff”

And then I was like “squee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee….” sort of like a happy dolphin, but with hands instead of flippers, and jumping in my seat instead of in the water, and wearing quilted patent leather peep-toe pumps from Target, which dolphins don’t wear.

And then I felt silly, so I put away the review and went back to work.

(But I’m still happy. Hurray! Yay! Sob!!!)

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