Hurricane Ahoy

Thanks to everyone who’s sending us good wishes to weather the storm. Yes, we’re staying home. I think it’ll be okay. Worst-case scenario, in my mind, is my neighbor’s palm tree falling onto the roof of my garage. Or something flying into our patio doors and breaking them, but we cleared all debris from yard, so it should be okay.

I’ve been posting on Twitter, if anyone’s interested. But, basically, all my Twitter posts summed up would say “Nothing’s happening yet, and we’re chilling and eating a bunch of food while we wait.”

I would tell y’all the story of what happened at my dad’s house during Hurricane Alicia, in 1983, but I’m too sugared up to type it legibly right now…

I will give y’all a link that Glark posted, though:
Prankster in a costume provides levity during a Hurricane Ike news report.

I’ll report back here after the storm. Y’all have a good weekend, okay?

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Posted in Houston, links on 09/12/2008 09:48 pm

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