Response from Whole Foods
which I thought was very nice and well written

Hello Gwendolyn
Wow- I am so disappointed and embarrassed to hear your story! This behavior is completely unacceptable and I am shocked to hear that one of my department heads would react in this manner.

Please accept my deepest apologies. We pride ourselves on offering our guests the finest hospitality in town and in the nation. To have one of my team leaders respond in such an inappropriate way has not only damaged our relationship with you but set a poor example for the rest of his team. I read your email last night before bed and could only think about how many other times this may have shown up on the sales floor without my knowing.

Rest assured that I will be following up with [the offending manager’s name, spelled correctly] as soon as he gets in today. I will also find about about the recipe that you requested and make sure we get it slotted in the production schedule for you.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you took the time to contact us yesterday. I know that most people who had been treated in this manner would have walked out and never looked back. Your feedback will give me the opportunity to address this issue immediately and ensure that no other guest has an experience similar to yours.

I would love the opportunity to leave you a gift card at the service desk. I completely understand if you would prefer to pick up the card at one of our other locations, but would like the opportunity to meet with you in person and reassure you of the level of service that our team is capable of.

I will have a card waiting for you at guest service as soon as we open- just let me know if you would prefer to pick up elsewhere and I will arrange that for you.

I will be back in touch on the recipe, and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if I can be of further assistance

[store manager’s sig]

Response from Central Market

I’ll send your idea off to our Food Service folks and see what happens – [Selling Manager’s name]

Sighing with Relief

(I really did send both those emails, right before I posted them on the blog.)

I’m glad Whole Foods wrote me back and was nice about it, because I really do like then for more than just that chicken. But I couldn’t say so, because my feelings were hurt and I was temporarily blinded by that. I felt like they were a boyfriend that did me wrong — I didn’t actually want to break up with them, but I was prepared to do so if they couldn’t respect my feelings.

I’m glad I can go back, because I’m currently obsessed with this stuff they have called Green Gazpacho, which I guess you’re supposed to eat like soup, but which I only eat with naan, as nature seems to have intended.

See, kids? What does this teach us?

Helping customers get what they need, since [the year the Egyptians or whoever invented it].

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