self censored

The other day I did like 2002 and posted an IM chat here for y’all to read. It was between me and my friend “Olivia,” and we were being very silly and clever in it. I deleted all the most personal parts.

But then I looked at it online, all visible to the world, and imagined the world seeing it. Specifically, people who might come to this site because of my children’s book. This is what they would have seen: badword badword hating sex badword children badword cats hate drama sex vanity badword.

So I deleted it. Not so much of the badwords, but because I realized that posting that chat session was a little like saying, “Check it out: Me and my friends are so witty that strangers should feel privileged to read our chat-distorted ramblings!”

Maybe I’ll re-post it later, though, next time I haven’t updated in a while. :)

the job

I realize, now, how people become hardcore workaholics who never leave the office. I realize, because I’ve been fantasizing about going into work on the weekends, or going in at 5:00 AM, just so I can get some stuff done without having to answer the phone or stop what I’m doing to go to a meeting.

You hear that? I’m fantasizing about doing work. It’s a sickness. I’m sick.

There is an imaginary end in sight. Right now, our particular workplace is particularly busy because of a certain law that recently got passed. (403(b) compliance. Do you feel a tingle of excitement running down your spine?) Soon (in two months? six months?) things will slow down.

I’m looking forward to that time, not because I’m lazy, but because just about everyone I work with is pretty freaking cool, and we keep promising ourselves that we’ll do more team-building (AKA eating and drinking) as soon as things slow down.)

So, there it is. Busy but not bad. Things could be less busy and not at all as good. You know?

the cats

People keep asking about the cats. Starbuck and Toby are doing well. Are they still having romantic relations? Yes, but only at night. Starbuck is a good Catholic wife and she only does it when the lights are off. If Toby tries to get romantic during the day (and he does try, often), then Starbuck yells at him and hits him in the head with her paws.

“I’m not that kind of girl!” she says.

“But last night…” he says.

“Unhand me, you cad!” she says.

“Um… How about now?” he says.

“NO MEANS NO!” Starbuck yells.

And then she kicks Toby in the face, and he walks away, dejected. And then she runs back up to him, inserts herself under his body, and strikes a provocative pose.

“Now?!?” says Toby, immediately Don Juan again.

“No, stupid!” Starbuck yells, and bites him on the leg.

It’s beautiful. It’s so poignant.

Besides that, they like to practice martial cat arts, and they really like their new cat food, which is the Purina in the white bag with the extra special flavoring added. It’s, like, chicken and orso with balsamic reduction. Or something. Can’t remember the name of it.

We just gave them each a bath, so they temporarily hate us. However, even they saw the amount of loose hair that went down the drain, and they were at least a little relieved.

More later, when I get the chance. PS, my hair now looks like Katie Holmes’ hair, but in auburn. With less severe bangs. And only because my stylist straightened it — tomorrow, after I wash it, it’ll be a wavy, wavy mess again. :)

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