Olivia: omg. XXXX and Johnny are myspace friends

me: who is Johnny
also, send me link to XXXXs facebook
earlier I was not really online, btw. just left gmail running.

Olivia: Johnny Guttierez hes a writer who was trying to date Terrence when i was half-dating him

me: double lame

Olivia: he’s in POETZ-R-US

me: effing super lame

Olivia: good writer, weird scruffy guy
and friends with XXXX

me: POETZ-R-US is loserville, unfortunately
too bad he’s in with bad crowd already
i feel evil for saying all that

Olivia: for saying Poetz-R-Us is loserville?
ive never known a confirmed nonloser to do it
so theres that

me: he looks interesting in that pic
evil for hating on other writers in general, as if i’m high quality literature

Olivia: he looks exactly like that pic, just more overbite, more slump

me: wonder does he wear army green all the time

Olivia: fuck it, be literati

me: did you go to smartpeepz lounge?

Olivia: im bitter and snarky too

me: can’t be literati… too late

Olivia: no, ha
i was all obsessing about it
and then i just didnt fucking want to at all

me: why?

Olivia: so i didn’t

me: Derrick?

Olivia: i put makeup on and stayed home

me: funny

Olivia: id be happy to see him but its just the same, old, shit

me: same old song n dance

Olivia: and i have nothing new to offer, ive done nothing interesting since the last time i saw all those losers (interesting people)

me: well maybe it’s their turn to entertain you, then
for them to stop being lazy all the time


Olivia: done venting. Sorry

me: don’t be
it ok
you are in general rut lately, i see

Olivia: yes i am


me: right. so lamely boring.
kind of hate him, but almost too tired to now

Olivia: that makes sense

me: cats feel neglected lately
i pity them

Olivia: aww

me: but petting them makes them shed, so i neglect

Olivia: because you care about everyone and are a good mom

me: heh
crosspost proves you wrong


me: hey i have to take shower
want me to call u after?
(today was kids’ last day of school, btw)

Olivia: ok, yeah that would be great if i paid my fucking cell phone bill

me: oh yeah
i furgetted
i gained 10 lbs
must lose it back

Olivia: so, no. but ill drive and go pay it tomorrow and then we can talk again
thatll be nice

me: then 20 more
tomorrow is friday…
go to brie’s thing on sunday and i’ll see you there

Olivia: dinner?

me: then we have lunch or bubble tea
can’t dinner… have to rush home and take rory to band callback audition
they gave him another, specially

Olivia: where is brie’s thing

me: bc of dallas’s band skills
brie’s: Brazilian Arts Foundation, on 11th near Heights

Olivia: oh ok, well thats good
what time

me: 1 PM – 3 PM
if rory makes percussion, it costs me $400 + for supplies
i think we’ll have bakesale or something
jabbering now, sorry

Olivia: no no, not at all.


Olivia: this is superlesbionic but not in a hot way
sidenote *how do these crazy ass people find you
i know the answer to that because i also have crazyass people and its the internets fault

me: she meant my placenta
just cracked myself up with that
in a gross way

Olivia: i know i know, dont worry i just meant i feed on your placenta
not weird, right?
me too though

me: HA. Gross
seriously, her words grossed me out too much for me to befriend
at least I liked XXXX’s words, at first


Olivia: and who the fuck she is

me: right? her and mouse in her pocket
her and the clone of herself that she molests?
fuck, i’m on a roll today
i should be writing a novel…

Olivia: hahaaha

me: my editor just floated, in miniature, over my right shoulder. she is pissed.
her wings flap real fast, like a hummingbird

Olivia: lol hahahaha
i luv this chat
you make my eyeliner run

me: something is feeding it
what are you wearing?

Olivia: because any eye moisture does that

me: seriously — not in hit-on way
long red skirt?
i would say you need Bobbie Brown gel eyeliner, but i know you won’t

Olivia: lol right now? im wearing a see through white
tanktop (its wet, obvsly, this is internet chat) no but really im wearing comfy clothes i did makeup before changing. long red striped pajama pants
where do i even get that?
have you heard of a little lipstick company called “wet&wild”? im wearing the new fall line. “raspberry”

me: funny
i’m going to put this chat on my blog, btw
i need to update but have no time to generate content

Olivia: im sending you a photo of myself. i r narcissist
did i spell that right?

me: yes. it is spelled “r”

Olivia: stop! mascara. god.

me: send it.
don’t tease

Olivia: sending now
i have to change clothes in a minute
im going to drink houston
im a special girl

me: love, love the pout
oh god, not drink houston

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