Friday Linkelodeon for People Who Are Bored

1. How to Make an Earbud Cord Caddy. I showed this to my boyfriend and he was like, “We could make those and sell them!” and I was like, “No, too sweatshop for too little money.” But it would be fun to make one, if I had an I-Pod.

2. Do you need a Burt Reynolds purse? I think you might.

3. So this nature writer finds out that a very prolific, best-selling romance novelist plagiarized from his article about black-footed ferrets. And he writes a pretty funny, good-sport piece about it.
Meanwhile, on the site of the initial plagiarism discovery, readers are scanning the novelist’s other books and finding plagiarism galore.

4. The AV Club ranks on progressive rock album covers. I knew, before even looking, that a Yes album would be included.

5. Sometimes I love the NPR program This American Life, and sometimes I don’t. Often, listening to the stories in my van, I can’t help tearing up a little. I loved the story of the evangelically raised student who took on a demon at his university.

On the other hand, I hated the story about the girl who got a heart transplant thanks to a boy who’d been murdered by gang members. That one literally made me sob, I was so upset by the self-centeredness of some of its characters. I remember sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot, waiting for the story to end, and then waiting to get hold of myself, it upset me so much. But don’t get me wrong — it’s totally worth hearing.

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