Tom Cruise promotes Scientology in a scary way, in a video that is apparently exclusive to Gawker right now. (Remind me to post later about my varied experiences with cult members.)

I didn’t want to let this happen again, but I’m addicted to American Gladiators. And so are my kids. After only two episodes, too. My favorite Gladiatrix so far is Crush, because she has awesome hair.

Pretty Indian wedding dresses! If I were to wear one for my own wedding, it’d be this one. Not that I’m trying to appopriate anyone’s culture. I’m just saying — I want a fancy pink dress, and that’s the best one I’ve seen so far.

I know this chick who took a class on lampworking, and then started her own little side business making and selling glass beads. She’s doing really well at it, and I’ve been meaning to tell y’all that I admire her. She thought up an idea, then just went for it. You know?

My favorite site that I can’t read.

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