Jesus Christ!

I’m gonna say it again: Cavemen cracked me up. And now it’s canceled. Already!

The web is full of dumb asses panning it. Not that I’m saying that disliking the show makes you a dumb ass — just that most of the “reviews” I’ve read so far happen to be written by dumb asses. (“The concept was lame from the start! It wasn’t funny! It had no jokes!”)

Best: Uber liberals (Or are they conservatives in disguise?) claiming it’s racist. What the hell? Why, because it addresses stereotypes that have been applied to one or more non-white races? What — no one can talk about racism without being racist? Jesus effing Christ.

Finally, I see George Lopez is complaining that Cavemen took his slot, that Chicanos can’t be on TV but cavemen can.

Oye, George. Maybe people — this Chicana included — are tired as hell of a show about a fat old guy with a hot young wife who considers his daughter’s choice of panties a familia value. Eh, huey? Call America Ferrera and ask if they replaced her with cavemen, too.

Okay, that was mean. (Albeit true.) But I’m cranky. I was excited about having a funny show to watch, and now it’s gone.

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Posted in pop culture on 10/10/2007 12:18 am

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