Lindelodeon! Again!

Tucker Carlson has a violent brush with gayness, and Gawker commenters put it into perspective.

An artist’s rendering of Britney Spears endorsing Photoshop in a Can.

M. Giant discusses The Man with the Yellow Hat’s incompetent monkey parenting.

I very much love reading the Houston Chronicle online since they opened comments on each article. Chronicle readers get so awesomely passionate, whether second-guessing Dear Abby or weighing in on those slutty, slutty women who have sex with people they meet online. (Where is the study about men having sex on the first date? Why, in the year 2007, would we still care more about women’s promiscuity than men’s? Someone ask UT researchers for me.)

Did y’all hear that Maggie Gyllenhaal is taking over Katie Holmes’ role in the next Batman movie? Check out what she says about how she’ll set herself apart — how she won’t be “some generic lady in a dress.” Normally, when tabloids report that one celebrity dissed another, it’s completely exaggerated. But I did think this quote was kind of cold blooded. In an awesome way.

I never really understood the stereotypical gay man’s obsession with old film stars… but these pictures and anecdotes are making me a believer. Either that, or they’re making me a lesbian. Maureen O’Hara = beautiful. Hedy Lamarr = hot and surprisingly brilliant. Gene Tierney = dang, girl! Slow down with all that smoldering!

The Museum of Bad Art.

Jet plane earrings.
Cherry earrings.
Toast earrings.
Crayon box earrings.
And one very interesting money box.

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