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This Onion article supposed to be satirical. And, in general, I prefer Banana Republic’s and Ann Taylor Loft’s “classic” style to that of the Gap. But, in my mind, this is how all men should think about their clothes, and this is how classic and variable all clothing should be:
This Gap Sweater is Fucking Awesome.

Over at The Atlantic, B.R. Myers points out a bunch of emperors who aren’t wearing clothes. (This is a big old article about books. Only read it if you are hardcore into books, like I am. Oh, and you have to be hardcore into literary bitch-slapping, too.)

Pop-cult worlds collide as the captain of Serenity goes back to OLTL. Do you know what I’m talking about? Did I just out myself as a geek/loser on two fronts at once?

I heard there was gonna be something called a Maker Faire in Austin this October. I got all excited, thinking it was like a craft fair for hipsters. (With, you know, the ghostly, sad-faced felt animals and appliques and prints that hipster craftsters are always making.) I thought we could go there this fall instead of going to the Ren Fest, which never changes. But then I scoped the web site and saw that this Maker Faire appears to be more about recycling/reducing/reusing, and science. And… bleh. Anybody been to the one in San Francisco? How was it?

There’s this site called BookTour where you can look up your fave authors and see if/when they’ll be reading at a place near you. I’m telling you this because my editor asked me and her other authors to please register on it. I don’t have any readings listed yet, because I’m lazy and bad. But when I do have some readings to report, they will be there. Also, I think my fellow author/blogger Rob might have some stuff on there, so you can scope him out and then tell him he owes me kickbacks for sending you to see him.

The classic mother-daughter talk, simplified.

In case you don’t read Gawker or any other site where authors get ridiculed, I’m here to link you to old (yet fascinating) drama.
1. Pulitzer-prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler sent an email to his grad students, explaining (in extreme personal detail) the facts surrounding his wife leaving him. The email got leaked.
2. Robert Olen Butler got upset with Gawker for putting his email online.
3. Robert Olen Butler explains himself, in even greater detail.
As always, the comments are scathing. Only click those if you’re hardcore into scathing, literary, super-wrecky trainwrecks.

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