An Intuitive Fortune Cookie

So this weekend was supposed to be two things. One: a weekend apart from my boyfriend, because we spend every single weekend together, usually, to the point that I neglect my other friends and my chores. Two: I was supposed to get three important chores done.

So I ended up spending a lot of fun time with my friends, spending half the weekend with my boyfriend, anyway (we missed each other), goofing off a little alone, and not getting my chores done.

Then, tonight, we went to eat pho, and they gave us fortune cookies at the end. And mine said, “You will get more done later if you take time for yourself now.”

And I said, “Thank you, fortune cookie. That’s exactly what I suspected.”

And my boyfriend’s fortune cookie said something lame like, “A job well begun is half done.” And I realized then that he always gets the crappy advice fortunes, and I always get awesome affirmative fortunes. So… fortune cookies dislike him. Poor guy.

In bed.


The other night we went to a local place and I sang a karaoke song I hadn’t sang in a while, and it came out well, and I was happy. It’s cathartic, singing a loud song well. (G&R, Sweet Child O’ Mine.) And this guy came up afterwards and said he just had two words for me. I was kind of scared, but I said okay, what are they. And he said “Fucking bueno.” Which was nice.

Before me, some guy sang Queen’s “Killer Queen,” and he was so good. It was incredibly awesome to know that there’s someone in the world who’s practiced singing “Killer Queen” to that extent. And that there’s a room full of drunken people in the Montrose who know that song.

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Posted in domestic, karaoke on 10/09/2006 02:48 am

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