Of course I have big ol’ opinions on all the current issues of the day… I just can’t always write about them, for fear that I’ll get so pissed off, I’ll hurt someone or myself. But the time has come to briefly vent about everything that no one can stop talking about. So…

Those Illegal Aliens

Don’t talk to me about Those Illegal Aliens, unless you’re going to address the real issue. Here is the real issue: Those Illegal Aliens need jobs now, and plenty of employers here are willing to hire them for less than a living wage.

That’s all there is to it. Should we make it easier for foreigners to come in and do the jobs no one else will do for so cheap? Should those foreigners be rewarded for their service by being allowed to become citizens faster? Should laws be adjusted so that companies can hire whoever they want, for as little as they want? Or should companies be forced to hire people for min wage or more? Or would that totally destroy our economy and standard of living?

Those are the issues that need to be discussed. I don’t know the answers. Do you?

If you have other issues you’d like to share with me, such as, “I don’t like Mexicans because all Mexicans steal and I think we should build a big wall to separate us from the Mexicans, and I don’t like it when people speak a language that I don’t speak because it makes me worry that they’re talking about me,” then please just shut the fuck up.

Seriously, shut up and go away. You hate Mexicans, and I hate ignorant assholes. I tried to build a wall around myself to keep them away, but they just talk louder. If I have to live with ignorant assholes, then you have to live with Mexicans and everyone else. Shut up and get over it. Try their food, actually. It’s good.

Scientists Have Finally Proven That Men Are Biologically Compelled to be Sleep Around

Here we go with this one again. Jesus. Here’s what I already said about it, a long time ago.

Here’s all I’m going to say about it now:
If I’m sleeping with you, I would prefer it if you didn’t act like an asshole.
If I’m sleeping with you and you start acting like an asshole (i.e., lying to me, treating me poorly, sleeping with other people while giving me the impression that you aren’t), then I will stop sleeping with you. You can pull out all the scientific evidence you want, but there is no blueprint of anyone’s DNA that will make me want to sleep with an asshole.

The Mommy Wars

You know why I hardly ever talk about my kids on this blog? Because I don’t want to hear anyone’s opinion of how I’m raising them.

You know why I don’t give out unsolicited parenting advice? Because, unless you’re abusing your kids, I don’t really care how choose to parent them.

Personally, I think that parents who feel the need to criticize the parenting techniques of others – be they Ferberizing or attachment, breast or bottle, working mommy or stay-at-home mommy or anything else – must be unhappy, insecure people who are secretly scared that their way really isn’t the right one, after all. But that, if they scream really loudly that their way is the only right way, that will somehow make it true and thereby magically make their kids safe, well-adjusted, and successful.

Mind your own business, people. If you know what’s best for kids, do it for your kids and leave everyone else alone.

Oh, and the so-called Child Free people? The ones who go around talking about how all “breeders” are assholes and the world is overpopulated and how they enjoy pinching babies at the grocery store and making them cry? Those are the most miserable people of all. Luckily, though, they only say that stuff online, so I’ve never had to tell one to shut up and mind her own business in the real world. (Or ask Congress to build a really big wall to keep them out of my life.)

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