On the way to school and work, my oldest son and I were listening to a particularly heart-quickening CD. I told Josh that it would be fun if, when I got into the office today and bypassed greetings of “Smile! It’s almost Friday!” I would take that CD out of my purse, put it into my computer, and turn the volume all the way up. Then, I would go stand by the light switch so I could flick it on and off, on and off, real quick, while dancing and screaming, “Ow!”

That would be awesome.


1. The sandals I’m wearing have cracks all over the insteps.

2. I like to be mean to handsome men.

3. Sometimes I wish I could call in sick just so I could have a few hours alone. And catch up with our laundry.

The Number of Crazy People Who Have Confided Their Craziness to Me So Far in the Part Week:

is two. (Not counting my mom, who called and very quickly threw out a few crazy sentences from her halfway house’s laundry room’s pay phone before her calling card ran out of time and we had to bellow “I love you” and hang up.) This week’s crazy confessions were below average as far as interesting-ness goes. I usually average one crazy confession per week, though, so maybe if I get two in a week, they’re supposed to be less interesting.

I keep wanting to tell y’all about how I’m a magnet for crazy people, or for normal people’s crazy confessions. If I’m in a room with twenty other people plus one crazy person, that crazy person will usually zero in on me and immediately whisper a confession in my face. If a hitherto normal person I haven’t seen in a while calls my phone, it’s usually to confess something absolutely crazy. I think it’s something about my face. It apparently says, “Hi. My mother is mentally ill, therefore I have a high tolerance for craziness. Please deposit your confessions here.” I need to add, in fine print, “I reserve the right to remember your crazy confessions and reproduce them in fiction, non-fiction, and PowerPoint presentations.”


Every time I kick the sugar habit, I say, “I feel so energized and my mind is so much clearer, ever since I stopped eating sugar. You know what? I’m never gonna eat sugar again!!! Then I will write a million books and bead a million necklaces and sew a million fifties-style pastel tweed suits and my life will be awesome! AWESOME. Awe… some!!!!!”

Then, a few months after that, I’ll eat a piece of white, refined, high-fructose-corn-syrup-y bread because there’s literally nothing else around, and then the yeast and sugar demons will inhabit my intestines’ soul and start crying for more, more, always more. And the downward spiral will do its thing, and I’ll gain 25 pounds, and be sad for a year or two until I decide to quit sugar again.

Was that twelve steps? I lost count…

Whining Averted

So anyhow. I was gonna tell y’all that I had writer’s block real bad, but now I seem to be over it, so I’m really happy and you’ve been spared the whining.

for now, that is. Ha, ha, ha.


Ahem. Okay. Goodbye.

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