1. The only thing worse than miserable people who take out their misery on others? Is when those people make tons more money than me. Especially when they gain positions of power and inspire stupid and greedy people to act just like them.

2. What’s worse than a bully? A grown human being who gets bullied by more powerful people, then turns around and bullies people with less power. Because, you know, treating people like shit because they can’t speak English fast enough to defend themselves – yeah, that’s gonna make rich people stop calling you ghetto and white trash. Sure.

3. What’s worse than sexist men? The women who enable them. Especially if those women tell you in private that they recognize and hate the sexism… but then they play along with it so they won’t get fired or broken up with or divorced or whatever. Thanks, sell-outs. Why don’t you have a bunch of boy babies and then raise them to be dickheads, too? Oh, never mind… You already did.

I know I just described 70% of America. I know.

Some day I’ll have my own planet, and assholes won’t be allowed to live there.

There’ll be, like, three hundred and fifty-seven people living there. We’ll starve to death, of course. But we’ll do it politely, goddammit.

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Posted in sexism, venting on 03/16/2006 02:21 pm

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