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Do y’all know what geocaching is? It is, apparently, a sort of treasure hunt people undertake using GPS devices.

At a public place near my day job, I encountered geocachers while eating my lunch. The weather was glorious and, if I hadn’t already spent most of my lunch hour walking to the sandwich place and back, I totally would’ve horned in on the expedition and looked for the geocache myself.

Maggie, the hunter I met, told me that sometimes the caches contain prizes. Usually they contain a log so people can write down “I was here!” and whatever else. She said it’s a lot fun, for kids and everyone else. A good excuse to enjoy the weather and visit places you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

According to the web site, the GPS trackers (which look like PDAs or cell phones) start at $100 per. I probably won’t buy one any time soon. But next time I meet a geocacher on a mission, I’ll definitely stop to help.

Good luck, Maggie. Happy hunting.

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Posted in Houston on 02/01/2006 06:51 pm

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