Every other Friday, I run out of clean laundry – particularly out of clean pants. So I’m forced to wear something more dressy than I normally would. Like… a dress. This while all the other companies in our building are hosting Casual Friday or, as I like to think of it, Torn Jeans and ClubWear Friday. But I don’t let myself feel shame. No, I walk into our building with my head held high, as if I have important things to do in my dressy little dresses.

Today I’m wearing a black dress. It’s simple and pretty. Unfortunately, it’s not as long as I thought it was when I first put it on. So, it’s not covering the big-ass Band-aid on my knee, like I’d planned.


Every May, right before my kids go to their dad’s for two months, I look forward to the prospect of a summer-long sparkle-clean apartment.

Every June, after they’ve gone, I realize what a freaking slob I am. Apparently, when I don’t have kids to clean up after, I live in a nest of dirty laundry, fallen hair, and empty beverage bottles.


Every single time I save up enough money to go on vacation, either my car or my teeth will break down right before I can book my flight.

This year, I got my car tuned up and my troublesome teeth yanked out of my head. Then, I made some extra money. Then, I started making my plans. Puerto Vallarta, here I’m about to come.

Then, god dang it, we had not one but two power outages, and my motherboard couldn’t hold. My computer broke down. I had a choice of getting a cheap replacement and still going to PV, or getting the decent writing tool I’ve been wanting and needing for years now and not going to PV at all. So I got the laptop, knowing that it would help me make more thwartable vacation money that much faster, because now I can write during my day job lunch hours. And I can write in bed, until I fall asleep. And I can write at trendy teahouses, where the hipsters around me inspire me to write words that I wouldn’t be ashamed to have anyone read over my shoulder.

Then, I booked a trip to Toronto. Because I can have my book shipped to Toronto, you see. So that’s business. That’s a tax write-off. And, most importantly, I can stay with my friend for free. And, if I try, I can fit a little vacationy fun into that trip, as well.

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