I took an Allegra this morning and now I’m all spaced out and mellow and I just don’t care.

I ate beef jerky yesterday and now one of my molars is bruised.

I hate it when coworkers come to work sick and force me to hear their phlegm all day.

I’m going to lunch in 22 minutes and can’t wait to eat the Thai food.

Last night on the way home from Austin, my 12-year-old son Josh told me his plans for after graduation. He says he’ll spend a year working before college because he’ll need a break from school. My 9-year-old son Dallas told me what he wanted for his birthday – a Nintendo eReader. I asked him what that was and he said he didn’t know, but he was certain that he needed it. My 7-year-old son Rory sang along to “Pass That Dutch” and “Milkshake” before falling asleep in the back seat.

I went to karaoke with multiple friends Friday night and had so, so much fun. Asahi is my new favorite beer. Also, there were two parties at Tad’s siblings’ houses, and of course those were fun, too.

I’ve been working on my second book. It’s going like all writing does for me – slow, angsty, and then spontaneously productive.

I used to always look forward to the fall for all the reasons everyone else does: cooler weather, feels like a new school year and therefore a new beginning, festivals and holidays coming up. This year the coolness in the air makes me a little melancholy – probably only because I hate to be cold and I’ll miss the sunlight lasting until 8 PM. But everyone else’s enthusiasm is contagious, so I’m trying to go with the flow.

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