Dream Detail

Skip this one if you hate reading other people’s dreams. It won’t hurt my feelings.

I keep dreaming of my late Aunt Sylvia lately, which is something I hardly ever do. I don’t care if you believe me or not, but I think she only appears in my dreams on purpose. She, herself, used to have psychic dreams, so why wouldn’t she be able to appear in them from beyond the grave? The last series I had about her, it seemed that she was trying to apologize for not having supported me better during my flight from my marriage.

Over the last few nights, I’ve dreamed that I’m hanging out with her at my dad’s house. The first time, I was annoyed because my ex-husband (still married to me in the dream) had moved all my possessions there without my permission. My aunt tried to visit with me, but I was busy looking in the yellow pages for another apartment to move to.

In last night’s episode, we just hung out in the kitchen, cooking and talking. Way more mellow. I don’t know what we said, but I guess if there’s something she wants me to know, I’ll just keep having the dreams until I know it.

During my horribly necessary after-work nap today, I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend Tad. (We broke up in May, after he’d moved to LA.) Last time I dreamed about him, a few weeks ago, he was fat and sad and his kitchen staff wanted my autograph. This time, though, was much more flattering.

I lived in my own house, which had the same floor plan as his house next door. It was late at night and my longtime friend Letty was visiting me. I hadn’t been home in a while. Tad walked over to talk to us. Turns out he’d been housesitting for me. In my living room, I had several Christmas trees in full regalia and a sort-of nativity scene with Russian-esque religious idols and a big plastic Bambi. Very beautiful. I laughed with mild embarrassment while I explained to Letty that I hadn’t yet gotten around to taking down my decorations. I couldn’t remember what month it was – maybe February? I realized that Tad had been coming into the house every day and dusting all the x-mas-y plastic for me so it would stay shiny. I thought that was nice.

Letty spilled a bunch of taco fillings (piccadillo – my fave) on the old purple comforter on my bed. I told her she’d get it greasy. “That’s why we have to eat it fast,” she said. I knew she was wrong but I ate, anyway. Tad came in wearing a trenchcoat – not a Columbine gun-weilding trenchcoat, but a nice, expensive one. He informed me that he’d be spending the night. At first I balked (because Letty was there and I didn’t want her to have suspicions, I guess), but Tad remained calmly adamant. He explained that he just wanted me to be safe. So I was glad.

Tad is coming back to Houston, for good, tomorrow night.

I’m glad we’ve stayed friends.

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