1. The Worst Romance Novel Covers of 2003. Except that, by “Worst”, I think they actually meant “disturbingly freaking awesome”.

2. “I don’t have any toenails that pretty but I think I have one that’s sort of a pretty greenish-yellowish color. if it weren’t for my wife I think I could win this contest – she MAKES me cut them. Wives – why are they so mean to their husbands?”

3. Spanish Verbal Essence. (Okay, it’s a verb conjugator – not, like, one of those Santeria soaps that makes you able to smooth-talk or something.)

4. John Kerry’s rock band. As I said to a politically astute coworker the other day – among two evils, the evil with the rock band always wins.

5. Esquire’s Brutally Honest Personals, via SDW.

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