I am still a blogger at heart.

Hello, readers.

Next week my two-year term as Houston’s (first) poet laureate ends, when city officials take the laurel wreath off my head and put it on my successor’s. When I get home from that ceremony, I’ll make a pot of coffee, put on my reading glasses, fire up my Netflix queue, pull out my knitting needles, finish this scarf I’ve been making with sock yarn, simultaneously do some laundry, cook something healthy for dinner or else make an excuse to go out to eat, and then finish my next book, which is a YA novel I’ve been working on for a few years now.

Actually, I’ll do all that, but not until later in the day, when I’m done at my day job.

Also, amidst all that, I’ll do some blogging.

Right now, two people/entities are waiting for me to write blog entries for their sites: The Houston Public Library and my day job. I’m going to write the library one pretty soon. I’m going to write the day job one… never, I think. That’s not an official part of my duties–just something they thought would be nice. If everyone on my team would contribute blog entries to the team blog, they said, that would be nice. Right now I’m letting everyone else be nice in that way. Right now I have other people for whom it’s more important to do niceness.

Here’s a blog entry I wrote for someone else (Poets & Writers) a little while back, accompanied by a photo of me taken a long while back:
Houston Poet Laureate Gwendolyn Zepeda Explains her Life to Strangers

I’ll be back in a little while. Y’all be good and have fun.


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Posted in writing on 05/13/2015 11:32 am

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  1. Fair enough. I’ll sit at my piano making up something and keep checking for your next post.

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