Answers to Important Questions Posted by Readers

Not because I don’t know how to unlock my own Word Press blog comments, but because they deserved their own entry! The following questions come from Mr. Nikita and Elvira Mistress of Felinity, two of Houston’s apparently few cat bloggers.

How many cats do you have? Are they poets, too?

I have two cats, Starbuck and Toby. If they are poets, they haven’t shared that with me. Starbuck enjoys mail and other pieces of paper and protecting our windows from the sight of stray cats. Toby’s hobbies are cool surfaces, hiding, and extreme napping. Starbuck watches a lot of TV, or else watches reflections of the TV in our glasses. Her favorite show is True Blood. Toby doesn’t care for TV much but will listen to Law & Order SVU at a safe distance, as long as there’s a clear path of escape for when the dialogue gets too intense.

Why no mention of the cats since Xmas 2010?

I talk about them on my Facebook page (i.e., my ersatz mini blog), maybe more than people would like.

Have they ever considered having a blog themselves? Why not?

They’ve considered it, yes. But it seems like every time they bring it up, some other cat starts a blog, and then Starbuck and Toby worry about looking like followers. Also, they have concerns that I’m too busy or lazy to type the things they want to tell y’all at the moment they want y’all to know it. Also, they think I’m too free with the camera sometimes, and they can’t physically delete their photos on my Facebook. So we have creative issues to work out. They’ve also talked about doing a graphic novel instead of a blog, and I think that would probably work better, some time in the misty future. I actually have a big, giant plan involving that, and I just need to get them to okay it.

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Posted in books, cats, writing on 05/15/2013 07:05 pm