Testing 123

Hi, peeps. I switched from Blogger to WordPress, and now I’m testing (myself) to see if (I can figure out how) it works.

If you follow me on FaceBook or Twitter or SocialMediaConstruct#8792, you know that I’m still slaving away on my third novel and am therefore in self-imposed social exile for the next week or two. I look forward to the day I finish this novel and can resume:

  • knitting
  • dancing, particularly the two-step as recently taught to me by friend Ashley
  • reading other people’s books
  • coloring my gray hairs
  • exercising at least a little
  • talking to real people in real life and not talking about fictional people in my mind
  • obsessing over a wider variety of stuff
  • writing to you guys on this here blog

That’s all I can say right now. But don’t forget that y’all can see me at Poison Girl, here in Houston, a week from Thursday.

(Do you like the blog redesign? Those are grackles on the front page, of course. I took that photo myself. :) )

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Posted in knitting, obessions, venting, writing on 06/16/2010 08:18 pm


  1. Well, didn’t really expect to see a new post and instead got a whole new page! I can’t see the pictures though. Maybe that’s just me. Wishing you well on the book.

    • Ha. I surprised you.

      The pictures: I accidentally destroyed those this morning by forwarding and unforwarding my old domain. They should come back again in a few hours, though.

  2. The new site looks great! Love the home page with grackles and blurbs.

  3. Yay, looks amazing! Good luck with the writin’…

  4. I like how we’re all quilt squares, in our avatars.

  5. Oooooo! Will we get to keep our same squares across posts? Can’t wait to find out. (Hint, you need to write another post. :-)

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