Guess what I’m doing. I’m updating my blog from my phone, y’all. That’s what it’s come to. That’s the kind of dbag I am right now.

Well… Not really, I don’t think, but that’s how busy I’ve been lately. Plus, this new phone spells y’all for me, so I finally feel like I can update via SMS. Properly. (is that the right term? SMS?)

Real quick updates:

1. My cat makes a really forceful noise when she jumps on my bed, just like a female tennis player.

2. I’ve been doing the mommy blogging over at the Houston Chronicle’s site, and it’s kind of like the Wild West over there with the lack of comment moderation. So it kind of takes me back -fills me with that late ’90s flame war nostalgia. But I’ve been so freaking busy lately, I don’t even have time to flame people properly. :(

3. A random person at my work made me laugh so hard today that I narrowly missed snotting on my monitor. So now I kind of want to bake that person an anonymous loaf cake. But I can’t! I’m too busy!

Oh, I know… I can give that person the drink coupons starbucks gave me last time I complained about the Worst Starbucks in Houston, which happens to be in my neighborhood. Hurray, happy ending to the story.

Okay, now I’m scared to type anymore in case I’m unable to upload. But if this works, I’ll write again soon from the handicap stall in the bathroom at my work, okay?

Love, Gwen

(my new phone capitalizes my name.!!1!!)

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Posted in Work cats on 07/23/2009 01:28 am

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