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brief respite

Having finished and submitted revisions on my second novel, I’m now just waiting for my editor to read the whole book and write back and say, “Oh my god, Gwen, we have never before received a perfect manuscript… until now!!!1!!! ZOMG!!! You don’t have to do any more revising or editing, please just lie back and have a cocktail! Good work!”

I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s going to say.

There are 7 or 3 billion other projects I need to start right now. But I think I’ll take a weekend to myself, first.

I admitted to my fiance today, “I don’t think I feel comfortable unless I have a project to stress over.”

He just made this face, like “Why are you telling me stuff I realized years ago?”


You know when I’m happiest? Don’t laugh at how cheesy/hipster/ironic/cheesy this is, but it’s when me and my brats are playing Rockband together, and we get to a song that all of us like enough to sing out loud.

I can’t explain how awesome that is, but it is.

My fiance’s a musician, and he’s been writing a bunch of new songs lately. He won’t let me sing on them because I sing too well to mimic like a pop vocalist (or something), but sometimes I help out with the lyrics and melodies. Last night I ad-libbed a new melody to one of his own songs, and he said he liked it better…

and I don’t even care if he ends up using my melody, but I liked making it up. It brought back all the good memories of making up harmonies with my friend Tania in the church choir, nine billion years ago, and writing songs with my high-school rock band 8 billion years ago, and working as the receptionist for a local arts org (7 billion years ago) and being allowed to sing in its halls with the student musicians.

And I don’t know what my point is, because you either know what I mean already, because you do music, yourself, or else you don’t know because you don’t.

But, hey, if I were to stop and ask myself what the point is to everything that gets posted here, maybe nothing would get posted, so….

I have a lot more to tell y’all but

not enough time yet. So, more later, while I’m on break. More in a couple of days. Because I missed writing to y’all, here, too. It’s another something that makes me happy.

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