Not again!

Sheila: I’m about to go look at your buffalo head princess
me: yay!!!!!
Sheila: but you should call me and tell me about the australians. that bewildered me
me: ok.
but I have to do DDR first for 40 min, bc I ate pizza. okay? i call you around 9, from my bed.
hurry and look at buck rogers and the princess
Sheila: lol i see it. im completely lost
me: in love with her, you mean?
and her futuristic stripper dancing?
Sheila: hes ridiculous
me: i know!
his stupid face!
PS, my dad dances like that when he’s super drunk.
Sheila: its called gettin down
me: or used to
gettin dow-w-w-wn
that’s woman’s body isn’t even that good, and yet i love her
Sheila: oh my god
im watching again
me: then you have to go to youtube and see all the parodies of it
and then drunken batman dancing
Sheila: oh my jesus
thats the most ridiculous thing ive seen, maybe ever
me: bidi bidi bidi
Sheila: booo
drunken batman?
can what i just watched be embedded?
me: adam west in the ’60s. with a chick named molly
embedded: don’t know
Sheila: how do i find drunk batman
” a large fresh orange juice, please”

Sheila: shes hot
me: i like how Robin’s jerking off in the car
Sheila: she acts like kim cattrall
does batman special mean something sinister
me: i knew you’d like her, btw
i thought it meant bartender stocked oj just for batman
Sheila: hhahaha what the fuck is robin doing
‘you Interest me, strangely’
oh lord
me: he’s jerking it to the sight of batman dancing, obvs
Sheila: is he showing off his satiny satiny gloves?
me: heh
i always liked him. and his gayness
i was a kindergarten fag hag
Sheila: oh my god
shes so useless
me: who? the chick?
Sheila: lmao that was the best collection of videos, ever
yeah, when he falls she starts screaming before it happens and then steps away like she’s avoiding something disgusting
hilarious body language
me: that’s how women had to be back then.
avoiding the ODs, the vomit
Sheila: cradling his satin cape in the crook of his satiny arm
i know – haha – it seems really realistic
like, AHHH! i cant believe im dancing with a drunk!
me: he’s a real satin man/ sitting in his satin land/ making satin satin satin nobody…
Sheila: lolol
oh god
i feel like i might be 10 or 11 and we’re watching this new series called batman
me: it’s almost time for me to leave you and do DDR. don’t let it hurt your feelings when that happens.
Sheila: i will not. i have to go — ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i remember now – i have to go walk the dog
like, 10 minutes ago

[hating and ranking deleted]

Sheila: why you always gotta be the mom, yo
me: because my uterus is all stretched out already
i tried to be the big sister. maybe that’s what happened, instead
Sheila: its not all you though
not to get into this again
but people just expect that of you
me: i guess
but i must radiate that vibe
Sheila: yeah
probably its you
me: i do it whenever i’m trying to be helpful
can’t help it.
learned it at my aunt’s knee
it’s okay. i’m a good mom.
Sheila: you try to make people comfortable in a certain way
me: why not share the… whatever
Sheila: thats occasionally maternal
lol milk?
me: yeah — with my boobs
and food
(milk = both. you said it.)
Sheila: lol hahahaha
me: i felt bad for [delete]
but i was like “get used to it”
Sheila: was she traumatized?
lmao god
me: maybe a little, for now
she’ll get over it with a quickness
you’re right. sadness
but she’ll get over it, and ask him to go back.
sorry for all caps. i slightly manic
Sheila: me too. is ok.
isokays? wtf
me: iz oks
Sheila: you have mastered the lolcats and i have, not.
HA i knew youd know
i bought a lamp today
me: iz oks. i still wuvz u.
Sheila: jesus. too much cute
me: ikea?
Sheila: from bj oldies.
no, so much hate for ikea now
now that i have world market furniture, i have no desire to walk through that nonsense
its that milk white glass
is purdy
me: ooh
Sheila: thats my breaking news. everything else from today has been very boring, but the lamp is nice.
me: heh
plus your boobs look good lately. don’t forget that.
Sheila: oh yeah? oh, in that shirt
me: and the pool photo
u can haz weihgt gainz?
Sheila: lol haha, well they’re floating in both those circumstances
i can haz?
yes please, thank god.
Sheila: ok im going to go walk the dog and you go do your ddr and ill talk to you later on
me: ok.
bye tater
Sheila: lolol
thats an appropriate expression of laughing for longer than a second isnt it?
me: yes
good job
Sheila: jesus. call me later. bye
me: byes

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