shifted over to photo-blogging for a sec

Sometimes I’m in the mood to show y’all stuff instead of telling y’all stuff, and sometimes pictures are worth at least a paragraph or two.

See the empanadas I just destroyed, the fetish-y shoes I found at Ross, and exactly how fat/thin I am now.

Know that I’m reading all your comments and agreeing with them/ being educated with them/ appreciating them/ loving them. I just haven’t had time to comment back lately.

(It’s one thing when you have a job that you learn to do very well in the first year, and your boss refuses to promote you because you’re just a silly girl and not a good old boy in a suit, and so you spend 4 years working for 2 hours per day and then goofing off online for the other 6 hours, every week day of your life. However, it’s a whole other thing when you have a demanding job with a boss who respects you and people who appreciate your abilities. On the one hand, I no longer have as much time to respond to each of your comments. On the other hand, I no longer feel like calling in sick every other day for no reason at all. :) )

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Posted in domestic, lookism, photos, work on 07/06/2008 11:41 pm

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