Advice for Girls and Boys

Boys first. Boys, girls don’t want to have sex with boys who:

1. have to make sure their friends approve of their sex partners, first.
2. talk about sex and violence interchangeably. (“I’ll shoot it in your eye, man!”)
3. make it obvious that, once a girl has sex with them, every aspect of it will be discussed with his friends.

Come on, boys. Grow up. (Or admit that you’d don’t really want girls to sleep with you. That’s okay, too.)

Girls! Girls, nobody likes girls who:
1. constantly use sexual behavior to get attention.
2. constantly compare themselves to other girls.
3. think that attention from males is the most important thing on earth.

Unless… we’re talking about a boy who wants to have sex. A boy who wants to have sex with a girl will put up with all of the above and more. But then, even he will get tired of it and move on to something else.

oh, shoot

I had a lot more to tell y’all, but it all just slipped out of my mind. Man.

More later, then. Don’t forget the poetry workshop on Sunday. I’m making worksheets for it this week.

Unless you’re a psycho stalker, of course. No psycho stalkers invited. Sorry, guys. Maybe next time.

reading rainbow

I just read E.M. Forster’s Maurice. Before that, I read a bunch of Henry James. Before that, I read Gregory MacGuire’s Son of a Witch. All of those were good.

Before that, I read a little bit of Etgar Karet’s Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God. Before that, I read A.M. Homes’ The Mistress’s Daughter. Before that, I read Madeleine L’Engle’s Camilla, which I thought was awesome when I was a middle-schooler but which now cracked me up with its heavyweight self-importance and which saddened me with its romanticization of domestic violence.

Before that, I read Nicholson Baker’s The Fermata, which was funny and clinically interesting.

I need more books to read. Lightweight books that fit in my purse on the bus.

That’s all now. More later.

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