How I Spent My Spring Break Vacation

I ate too much, exercised too much, slept too much, spent too much, and didn’t work enough. So, you know, it was awesome.

My kids got back from their dad’s today. Before they did, we hid three dozen candy-filled eggs and set up a new badminton set in the back yard. Hot dogs for dinner. Fun, fun, fun.

How Starbuck Spent Her Spring Break Vacation

She went into the backyard several times, under adult supervision. Once there, she explored and practiced climbing the pear tree.

Once, Tad caught a lizard and set it down in front of her. She immediately picked it up with her mouth and carried it into the house. “Oh, no!” the lizard said.

“A new toy, with batteries!” Starbuck said. She dropped the lizard in the living room and batted him between her paws a bit. He ran away and she turned round and round looking for him, stepping on his head with her back paw in the process.

I yelled for Tad to please remove the lizard from my house, before his tail fell off and became another lizard or whatever.

Slightly bruised but still quite alive, the lizard went back to our patio furniture, where he hits on female lizards to this day.

How Toby Spent His Spring Break Vacation

When he wasn’t eating, Toby hid under the bed. No, that’s not true. Sometimes, he came out to be petted on my bed, and then he sat on my head a couple of times. He tried to get petted on the couch, but being out in public in the daytime was just too frightening.

That’s about all I can tell y’all now. Except for the following:

I want to write more, but I can’t get my mind straight. I do have at least 3 things to tell y’all, the first of which is my thoughts on Gong Li. But I have to prepare myself mentally before that can happen. I have to get back into the routine. Maybe tomorrow.

I’m thinking about taking the bus to work every day, at least until gas gets cheaper again. My calculations say that it’ll save me about $80 a month. It would save more if it didn’t cost three damned dollars to ride our park-n-ride. How sad, that $6 per day would still save me money.

My boyfriend (fiance) took half the week off so he could vacation with me, a little, and he’s so sad about having to return to work tomorrow. I don’t want to go back, either, but he really is kind of depressed about it. Poor guy.

The other day, he and I went on what was supposed to be a 3 mile walk at a local park. (Teresa B, you know which one.) And, instead, we got totally lost on the trails and ended up walking 8 miles. It was brutal. My butt still hurts. And yet I don’t think that excursion negated all the calories we ate this week, unfortunately. Oh, well.

I got all my hair cut off a couple of weekends ago. I think I told y’all that, right? I didn’t go to my regular stylist for that one because, gosh forgive me, but I didn’t think she’d understand what kind of look I was going for. So I went to [chain salon that’s supposed to be all awesome], and my hair came out cute but sort of uneven. You know?

So then, a few days ago, I went back to my regular stylist to get some new highlights. And she saw my hair, and I told her what happened, and she was like, “Let me just fix the ends for you.”

But she said it like, “Let me just prove to you that you should’ve come to me, instead.” And then she totally re-cut my hair, y’all! And then she razored it until I was like, “Um, it’s okay if I don’t look like Victoria Beckham.” And then she straightened it, like she loves to do, and it did come out super cute… but then I tried to get a photo of it at home, to show y’all, and the photo made me look like a lazy-eyed Liza Minelli. (Sometimes I look like that, at certain angles. Can’t help it.)

And… I don’t know. I’ll upload a picture if I get a cute one. Or maybe I’ll just break down and upload the weird picture. Or maybe I’ll finally realize that it’s not that big a deal, either way, and that people’s lives can continue without constantly updated pictures of my hair.

We went to Katy Mills Mall, and someone there had a sign that said, “Happy Easter and Holy Week Sale.” And I thought that was weird, that they mentioned Holy Week like that. I mean, I get that suburban retailers in Texas sometimes get good results from pandering to Christians. But… Holy Week? What is that, like, “OMG, y’all, I got the cutest jeans on sale on the anniversary of the day that Jesus was crucified!”? I don’t know, man.

We saw a chick get handcuffed for shoplifting at that mall, too. She got arrested on Good Friday, y’all. Saddest part? The store she stole from had a sign that said, “Nothing over $8.98.” I’m guessing she stole from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line, because she simply didn’t consider it cheap enough.

Okay, that’s all. More later. Hope y’all had good Easters, or at least good Easter candies, or at least found nice things to buy or steal sometime around the time that some people commemorate some kind of thing.

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