status update

1. I cut off my hair. It’s shorter than heck. Chin length with long bangs. I’m glad. I’m getting too old for long hair, I think. My boyfriend doesn’t think so, but he doesn’t have to be a 36-year-old woman with three kids, a conservative job, and razored-to-hell long hair. So I cut it. I took in a picture of Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica, and they cut my hair, and now I look like a mom. But I am a mom, so I’m good. (I might go solid blonde next, though. Screw it — it’s only hair, right?)

2. Toby and Starbuck are inseparable now, just like I knew they eventually would be. I would tell y’all cute stories about them now, but Toby just got on my lap and he smells like vomit, so I’m not in the mood, all of a sudden. I swear: Toby is a dog, not a cat. He always needs a bath.

3. Finally got my signed copy of Rob’s book, so I’m reading it in quick bursts while I ride in the car and etc. It’s very good. It inspires at least one laugh or one lip tremble per page. He had a nice turn-out at his Houston reading, and he cracked us up, despite the not-quite-hilarious subject. Congratulations, Rob!

4. Uh… seems like I had at least five list items to tell y’all…
Oh, I’m getting ready to take a vacation. From my day job and my kids, for a week, coinciding with Spring Break. Guess what I’m gonna do on my vacation? Work my freaking ass off. I have a novel to finish.

5. Uh… Send me your email address if you want my publisher to send you a coupon for 20% my Growing Up with Tamales kids’ book. If you’re already on the mailing list, I’ve taken the liberty of putting you on that list. :) But they promised not to spam y’all with other stuff, so don’t be sad.

That’s it. More later. Busy, busy day tomorrow. Busy, busy life.

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