Sad News

My middle son is going to live with his father for a semester.

I’m sad about it. But it’s not about me. It’s about him, trying something new and hoping for certain improvements in his life. So I support his choice, like any parent would.

It’s apparently a more common occurence than I’d previously thought — kids wanting to try living with the other parent; courts allowing siblings to live apart. It’s all been arranged better than I could have hoped, and all three brothers will still spend most weekends together, happily.

And that’s it on this topic for now. Even if I felt like saying more about this, I wouldn’t because I’ve agreed not to. In advance, I’d like to thank anyone who wishes to express concern. And I’ll ask that they instead just send my son good vibes. Thanks.

Good News

We also got some good news recently, concerning my writing.

Annoyingly, I can’t disclose the details of that, either. Yet. Sorry! I just wanted to tell y’all there was good news, too, so the more sensitive among you wouldn’t worry too much.


(This is me keeping my chin up. I’m like a British soldier in a Vonnegut novel, that way. Keep your chin up, keep your dignity intact, keep your stoicism fresh, etc.)

something different on which to conclude

I found a really exciting magazine. It’s called Shop Smart. I’d seen it before, but assumed it was a knock-off of Lucky. Then, the other day, its cover caught my eye, and I flipped through and realized it was actually Consumer Reports, but for smaller things.

Are you like me, in that you’ve always loved the idea of Consumer Reports, but don’t buy enough cars, trucks, washing machine, or bagless vacuum cleaners to make a subscription worth it? If so, I’m thinking they made Shop Smart for us. This month’s issue rates hot cocoa mix. (Nestle’s got hated on.) It calls out department store “sale” prices, comparing them to MSRPs. (Sears got burned.) It shows you which Barbies are worth money and gives you tips on decorating for the holidays. In short, it’s awesome, and it’s all I can do not to call in sick so I can read it cover to cover instead of going to work.

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