Things to Which I’m Looking Forward

1. Going to the beach with my kids and my friends. This weekend, if it doesn’t rain.

2. Vicariously, the kids’ last day of school. It’s tomorrow. Although my boyfriend and I are bitterly envious of them and wish we could have a summer vacation, too, I can be very happy for them at the same time. Yay, summer.

3. Getting home tonight and watching more Battlestar Galacticas (with my kids, who make the funniest observations about the show).

4. Losing enough weight so that my new slate-blue blouse looks very pretty instead of just cute. Should be a week or two, now that the ball is rolling.

5. My next two books coming out in spring of 2008.

6. Spending time with my boyfriend, alone, next weekend. Maybe going with him to our fave teahouse in the afternoon, and then playing some cards.

7. The next Harry Potter book, because I’m a nerd. The next Harry Potter movie, because I’m kind of a complete dork, in case the BSG item didn’t already tell you that.

8. The next time I travel. Don’t know when it will be, but I am very much looking forward to it.

Things I Always Want to Do, but Don’t

1. Go to a farmers’ market. Last one I went to was in Rice Village (frou-frou shopping center), more than a year ago, and it was unsatisfying. But I know there are better farmers’ markets in town. I even know where they are – – I just have to get off my butt and go to one. I guess I don’t because no one I know cares about farmers’ markets, and I don’t like to do things alone?

2. Go roller skating. In a rink, or on the street, I don’t care. Long, long-time readers may remember that I bought men’s rollerskates — black and fluorescent green low-tops — from Academy a long time ago, then used them on the sidewalk in front of the double-wide trailer where I used to live. But I don’t know what happened to those skates after I left that house. I think I might have sold them. Anyway, I want to skate again, in a better venue. With high top, pink and white, vinyl ladies’ skates. And pom-pom laces.

3. Go to the zoo. With my friend Ashley. For a long time. And look at every single animal. (Every time I go to the zoo with my kids and/or boyfriend, they complain and make me go home without seeing everything.)

4. Goddammit, I want to go to an amusement park and ride the rides. Dammit! And not alone. Now that Houston’s Astroworld has closed down, that won’t be as easy. But I’ll do it some day, dammit. You hear me, people? I’m not playing around.

Things I Always Buy but Never Use

1. Coloring books with pictures of historical costumes.
2. Liquid eyeliner in metallic colors.
3. Cross-stitch patterns for samplers and fruits.
4. Crochet patterns for Barbie outfits.
5. Cookbooks about canning and pickling.
5. San-x stationery.
6. Knee-high socks.

I think this means that my secret inner gay man, my secret inner Midwestern housewife, and my secret inner Japanese school girl are fighting to take over my soul.

Use this for a meme if you want.

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