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I wrote a long post for you guys earlier, then emailed it to myself for later revision, and then it disappeared. Dammit.

So, instead of posting what I wrote, I will give you guys some free advice. Ready? Here it is:

Never take advice from someone less successful than you.

Right? Am I right? You like that, huh?

When I want money advice, I go to a Republican. Why? Because Republicans love money, and they’ll do anything to get and retain it. And they all have more money than me, and they all pay less on their taxes. So I ask them. “Teach me,” I say. And, sure, some of their advice is unpalatable to me, and so I don’t follow it. But it makes more sense to take their advice than to take that of poor, struggling liberals who work non-profit jobs. And, the same thing goes for the other way around. Why would I ask conservatives for sex advice, when they hate for people to have sex? For that, the struggling liberals are a better source of knowledge. Ha, ha, just kidding. No, I’m not.

When I want relationship advice, I ask people who are in successful relationships. You know? No, seriously… I’m saying, “Do you know any?” Just kidding. Ha, ha.

So finally: When I want career advice, I ask someone who’s in my field, who’s done more in that field than I have so far. Of course. Hello – why would I ask someone with less experience than me?

Meanwhile, contrary to the logic of everything I’ve just said, don’t you find that people who are less successfull than you are always the ones trying to give you advice?

Why do they do that? I don’t know. I can only guess. Maybe they’re in denial about how unsuccessful they are. Maybe they’re just trying to drag you down. Maybe they want you to learn from their mistakes, now that it’s too late for them to do that for themselves.

Either way: When less successful people try to give you advice, don’t take it. Just ignore it. You can smile and say, “Okay, thanks,” but then leave it at that, you know? And don’t feel bad about ignoring their advice, either.

Screw them. Life is too short, and you have a long way to go.

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Posted in psychobabble, writing on 03/24/2007 01:31 am

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